could it be!!!!!!

just bought a FR and used it! there is a really faint line hardly visible but came up straight away! what does this mean???


  • Oooh it could be !! A line is a line ! GO get another one to make sure ! lol !
  • It sounds like you're pregnant!! When I first tested I only had a very faint line on a FR, it was really barely visible, but it gradually got darker over the next few days! I used a superdrug test on the same day and it wasn't as faint as the FR.

    It sounds like congratulations are required! Are you late for AF yet?

    Kat xx
  • mrs kp only just had my implanon out a month ago! havent had an af yet! doc said should have had one within 10 days! scary stuff!
  • First thing in the morning (first morning urine) is the best time to test so if you got a faint test this morning it might be best to wait until tomorrow.

    If you have only got the one test and you don't want to buy anymore then I'd recommend you keep that test for a few days! xx
  • We're keeping our fingers crossed for you but a line is a line!! Oooh, *whispers* congratulations!

    Let us know when you test again... xx
  • ooo good luck, I had my implant out on Sat, and the doc told me that it is not unknown for women to get pregnant before AF so.....

  • whispering congrats hun.xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hope its your *whispers* BFP!! xx
  • *whispers* congratulations...go and get another ASAP missy!!!

    lots of sticky baby dust.

    x x x
  • any news Sarah? did you test again?
  • congratulations to you!! x
  • *whispers* congratulations hope you get a darker line but a line is a line
  • hey girls i did two other tests after.... A FR one and a clear blue plus....oth possative although still very faint but then nothing since then.....i rang up doctors thinking that i may have had a chemical pregnancy but she said it is unlikely if i still havent had a period! she said it is very likely that i am and its extreamly early days but im having a blood test done tommorrow to put my mind at rest. still gt a bad feeling about it! fingers crossed tho! xxxxxxxx
  • I will be keeping everything crossed for you that it's a shy bean tucked away in there x x
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