headache question

OK so can i still take painkillers i have had a headache everyday for about a month image I dont take painkillers everyday took some first time today in about 10 days usually i ignore it untill it get's to bad well i woke today and have been sick its so bad i took paracetamol but its not really helping if i wasnt 5 days from AF i woulnt worry but i dont know if i can take co-codamole (sp)

I have a hosp appointment at the glaucoma clinic as my eye pressure is to high and headaches everyday but its not till Jan :cry:

Also nothing to do with above but i can smell blood, I blew my nose and nothing its like i have just had a nosebleed but without the blood :lol: I always get nosebleeds when i have a cold but i dont have a cold.

Gems x


  • Hi Gembags, I don't have the answer to the Co-Codamol (sp) question, but I get really severe headaches during AF that normal pills just don't touch, the only ones that work for me make me sick. Anyway, I hate taking them so have looked into alternative cures, and a friend who was studying reflexology told me to massage the joint of my thumb and the area beneath it (the squishy pad bit) on the side that the headache is. Or even better, get OH to rub your feet beneath the big toe. It doesn't always work, but when it does, it's a big relief. Hope it helps x x
  • Hi Gembags - I had very bag migraines in my last pregnancy. What I found worked the best as paracetamol did nothing for me - were those patches/strips that you put on your forhead, I am not sure what they are called, but I got them from Boots. Also keep running cold water on your wrists. That worked a treat.

    Hope you feel better soon!! There is nothing worse than a head ache!!
  • Thak you ladys Its making me sick and i am ready to curl up in a ball.
    I was taken to hosp with bad headaches with my boy and can not remember what i was told :lol:
    going to chill and see if it goes or i will give in a just take one.
    Thank you xxx
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