Cant go out!

Hi all,

Im stuck in this Saturday evening alone! My OH is away this wend and my mates want me to go out or they want to come round to ours-which is fine! but they want to drink so I have made up an excuse because if I dont drink they will become suspicious. Im probably not even PG but I am sympton spotting again! and I dont want to drink just incase, I am having odd pains in my tummy as I am typing this, thing is Im only on CD17 I dont think I will be OVing until next week.
It really does take over your life obsessing about it, doesnt it?! We are only in our 2nd month of trying but have been thinking about starting a family for a little while.
Im not too sure when I am OVing either as I came off the pill in Feb and my body needs to adjust - ADJUST QUICKER! :lol:
If my AF turns up next month may try that clear blue fertility tester, Has anyone else tried it?! any good?
Pleased to see all the new mums to be! :\) XX


  • Thanx Saint Bertie feels good to be on a site with other ladies going through the same thing! Makes you feel a bit more normal and the advice is gr8 :\)

    I could try to have a few but my m8s egg me on as Im know as mad mel once I start I cant stop! But then I can go for months without having anything!

    I said Congratulations when you annouced you were PG! but just want to say it again Congratulations!!! very grateful for any babydust that comes my way image X
  • Oh just seen this quick reply thing at the bottom of the screen...

    Thank Saint Bertie I know you are right! I need to chill out a bit and just go with the flow but not the AF kind - hehe! Just when you read about preparing it says not to drink not to do this or that!
    *Mel helps herself to Saint Berties baby dust*

  • Thanx my dear! I have listened to myself and grabbed a bag of bassetts liquorice allsorts hehe!

    Have a good night too xx
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