I swore I wouldn't do this...


I promised myself I would stop obsessing !! I resigned myself to the fact that we are not pg this month - 1st month off pill and 2x BFN so far. Today is CD32 and still no AF. If I OV when I think I did, then its 14DPO now (thats if I actually OVd - I could have made that up in my crazy TTC head to lol)

I swore I would just wait for AF to arrive and not drive myself mad thinking I could be pg cos I am 99% sure i'm not ! grrrr ! Slap me someone pls and tell me to wait for AF ! I know its on the way cos of my moods and the cramps I have been having for 10 days !


  • Wait for AF Stace. There I have told you.
    Having said that why are you 99% sure you are not. Maybe you are? Either way it may be a little early to tell. I would give it a few days (sayd she who would be testing every day!)
    It's horrid this ttc business as we try not to get obsessed and we do. I am a few days into ttc and already obsessed. Can see hubby getting annoyed as I did the same with our son a few years ago.
  • Oh i just posted something like this...its rubbish isnt it?

    Did you use OPKs?

    i hope you have a shy bean!!!!

    x x x
  • No didn't use OPKs or anything, Just had lots of really sticky egg whitey CM and OV pains so thought that was OV - but not sure ! I hope its a shy bean too - but with the amount of tummy pains I have been having for 10 days (some so severe I ended up in a&e) I am kinda hoping for AF just incase I am pg and something is wrong : (

    'justmarried' - My hubby is getting a little annoyed with me now ! lol ! Need to dial down the crazy a little ! lol !
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