Does anyone ever

feel like life can be a bit unfair??

Hubby and I went to lunch with friends today and they announced they are 10 weeks pregnant...via a 'happy accident'. Ever since I started ttc I have wondered how accidents ever happen!! I am really pleased for them as they are happy about it and knew they wanted kids at some point...but I just wonder why it's so hard for some of us to get that bfp when it's so easy for others!!! This couple are living apart at the moment due to work and so only had sex once on a weekend they saw each other...she had no idea what time of the month she was at and didn't even have any clue she was pregnant until she was 6 weeks as she takes so little notice of her cycles that she didn't realise she was late!!! I don't mean any of this in a bad way to them or anything, and I am happy for them, but sometimes it's hard to hear about accidents when we try so hard each month to get the timing right and using pillows and all the other rubbish we do!!! I guess I just want this so much, I get a bit emotional sometimes and find it hard hearing it happen for others when they don't even try...

Sorry for the moan, hope you're all having a good weekend image


  • Yea it really is. Funny thing is it happened to my mum too - I was a happy accident!!! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wish months of trying on anyone - I just wish I could be one of the lucky ones that it happens so easily for!! Ok, must try and stop pitying myself now and just be happy for them...
  • Yeah I get this all the time - I hate myself for it but everytime I hear someone is pg I get soooo jealous. Bloody facebook too means you're more in touch with people and get to hear all their news. It just feels like everyone is getting pg and I just want to poke some of them in the eye when they go 'we weren't really trying'! lol. I do really wish them the best of luck and get really excited for them but I'm just being a little green-eyed monster. image xxx Good luck for a BFP though I have my fingers crossed for you!!!
  • I'm the same hon, my cousin is pregnant, as are 2 of my friends and only 1 of them were actually trying for a baby (and she fell in their second month!) Am soooo jealous but happy for them at the same time. Another 3 of my friends have all just had babies...

    There really should be a smilie of the green eyed monster...
  • My friend said she was the same too - her sis was pg and she told me she couldn't be happy for her. She had had a mc and was devastated but they went on and had their 1st lo 2 weeks ago and I can't wait to meet him and chat to her incessantly about getting pg/symptoms/what you feel like etc. One day it'll be us I hope and pray soon cos I hate waiting for things image !!!! xxx
  • There really should be a smilie of the green eyed monster...

    I would use it all the time :lol:

    Just after my 1st mc I had listen to one of my friends (who was 20+ weeks pg) telling someone that she and her husband were very suprised as they weren't really trying and although they had decided to start TTC they didn't really want it just yet :evil: as you can imagine the tears were rolling down my face :cry:

    I suppose fate has a lot to answer for!

  • Aww, I can only imagine what you felt like then rainbow. I know people are well-wishing but I do wish sometimes they'd get off my back about getting pg - I'd love to tell them we're trying our hardest but I don't want anyone to know because it's more pressure and I don't want the 'oh don't worry' and the well-meaning tips and tricks. I much prefer going through it on here with others who are going through the same stuff as me. xx
  • i am totally like this!!! 2 women at my sons school have had babies in the last 3 months and i just really really want a baby and to be pregnant!! is it really such a hard thing to ask for!!! lol

    my best mate has been trying now for 16 months and so i am secretly wishing a bfp for her and me!!!

    i was also an accident!! well kinda, first time my mum ever did the deed i was conceived!!! lol

  • Ah thanks so much girls, I really think this is the only place I can be totally honest when I have days like today!!! I feel guilty for having any negative thoughts when someone tells me such good news!!!

    muppet29 - agree about facebook, it's so hard!!! One of my friends has pretty much only had status' about being pregnant for weeks now and while of course I'm thrilled for her it's hard to read every time I log on!!!

    Garfiled24 - me too, this was my 4th friend to announce it today within the last 2 months...and another one told me today that her and her DH are going to start trying so I am kind of dreading that she will tell me she is next month too - how bad does that sound? Oh and I agree with the green eyed monster smilie too : )

    Rainbow - oh my god, that must have been SO hard. I can't imagine how much that must have hurt. But you're right, I do think that fate has something to do with it, I have to believe that it will happen when it's meant to or I think I'd be a mess!

    Mrs JC - wow that is unbelievable about your mum!!! For my mum I was the third, but she had been planning to stop with just my two brothers so I was the late surprise addition, hehe. I hope you and your friend can get pregnant together really soon!!

    Thanks again ladies, like muppet29 I really find it so much easier to be able to come on here and chat to you than my 'real world' friends - I think you have to be going through it to understand!!

    Good luck to all of you, I really hope we can all get those magical BFPs REALLY soon!!!.x.

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  • I feel like this too! The green eyed monster (I would love a smilie!) shamefully comes out in me everytime I see a first month BFP. I always wonder how some people fall pregnant so quickly and for others it takes months or years. Fingers crossed for all our xmas puddings x
  • Definitely. Good luck goonie : ) .x.
  • I know what you mean. A girl I knew at uni wasn't on the pill but always used condoms. The only time one split she went straight for the morning after pill but STILL got pregnant! I also have numerous friends who conceived 'accidental' babies while they were on the pill and I myself was apparently a 'happy surprise' for my parents (I think they just changed the terminology to avoid calling me an 'accident', lol!)

    It's a funny old world...
  • Ah, I like your parents terminology Tilty, it's really sweet!! Your friend literally must have been 'meant to' get pregnant with that chain of events!!!.x.
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