I dont know if i shud be TTC

Well okay, I have a 7 month old son who me and my partner both adore and we talked about having another baby. 2 weeks ago when my period was late my husband was getting excited.

But When we had our baby it was hell for me. My mother in law who speaks a different language just turned up the day after i just got home from hospital and stayed for 6 whole weeks!! And the worst part is she invited all her family round everyday nearly and I got so upset and depressed. I am angry just even thinking about it.

I screamed and made them feel not welcome even though i let them come round the first few times and was happy but one of them even came when they were ill and my baby had just been born. They took over my baby and switched over the channel when i was watching someone but just went out the room for somthing. I t was HELL.

I would love it if you could give me any kind of advice


  • How awful that you had to put up with all that after you had just given birth!! I can certainly understand why your worried about ttc again. Have you spoken to your husband about how you feel? If its his family then its his place to say something. He can say that you both only want a couple of people to visit at a time and only stay for half an hour and that anbody who is unwell should stay away until they are better! I hope you can work something out because the birth of your baby should be a wonderful time for you and your partner and not full of stress. Good luck hun. xxxx
  • Yea thanks for your reply. I tried talking to my husband and he just said I am all he cares for and he has fallen out with his family but still talks to his mum.
    But he has to be nice to his mum as he shud but I am just scared she will take over him and just end up coming to England and expecting to stay at ours again. I'm not sure if he will tell her not to come round too much although maybe they got the idea? that i like my space?

    I'm not sure they ar very unpredictable. I cud always just go to my mums house incase it does happen.
  • Its not right that you feel like you have to go out just to get some space! Youve done the right thing by trying to sort it out before getting pregnant though. good luck hun and i really hope you can sort something out as a family. take care xxxx
  • thats sounds like you had a very hard time..sometimes people just dont know when to leave. its definitly good that you are discussing this and oh understands how you feel. dont let it put you off ttc, and now you know what 'could' happen' you can lay down the ground rules...although im sure this is easier said than done.
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