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There is an organisation called NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence).This is a body that assess treatments and recommends treatment / prescription guidelines based on evidence and cost.

I have read most of the documents for infertility treatment

Basically they should not insist that you loose weight if your BMI is under 29. There are caluclators on line if you don't know just google BMI.

If you are under 29 they should then do progesterone LH and FSH tests etc and prescribe clomid if you are not ovulating.
You can try contacting the chairman of your Healthcare Trust 'mention postcode lottery' they hate that term. Also say you will contact your MP etc. Also try healthcare commission. I don't think your healthcare trust can simply say it is not funding infertility.
This is the answer that I got back from NICE when I contacted them about IVF funding - we meet all the criteria but our healthcare trust has 'funding issues'.

NICE reply 'There is no legal weighting attached to NICE clinical guidelines, but they should still be implemented within 3 years of publication. A PCT should not simply -opt out'.
NHS organisations are expected to meet a set of core standards, which include meeting the requirements of NICE clinical guidelines. The Healthcare Commission use these to audit NHS services. You can read more about this on the following page of the NICE website:

If you wish to contact the Healthcare Commission about this, please see the contact page on their website:

it sounds like hassle but a few letters might force them into prescribing for you. Not all GP's are willing to prescribe clomid (as you might need follicular tracking) and will refer you to a specialist. This was the case with mine.
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  • do you know your height and I wouldn't ask but you mentioned your weight before and I will just check GP calculations
    Sure the gynae appt will be greatly helpful and they may prescribe the clomid?

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