back pain :cry:

I am in agony :cry: have hardly slept cause my back is killing me! All the way up the right hand side from just above my kidneys to just below my shoulder. I can't bend or twist or move very quickly :cry:

I assume this isn't a symptom, right? :lol:

Was meant to go meet my friend in town and have coffee and shop but looks like i'm confined to the house and a hot water bottle


Just sneezed and it HURT :cry:

Feeling very sorry for myself :cry:


  • Oh hun image
    Can't really offer any advice as I have no idea what's causing it but I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and sending pain-free vibes your way. Hope it feels better soon x x x
  • ChristineM,

    not get your spirit high but several of the ladies have severe backpain for the first couple of days when they got their BPF, Rosapenny (who just got her BFP this week) also reported severly bad pains.

    hope this helps
  • Really? This is the wierdest pain.. was all up the right hand side, almost winding me when i moved and now is slap bang in the middle of my back.. feels really tight... will go hunt down Rosapenny's posts!
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