am emotional wreck today

Dont know whats up with me just been really tearful, cried through nearly the whole omibus of hollyoaks, and since i had a +ov stick 2 days ago had bad cramps low down on and off.Hoping it was ovulation pain but how long does that last?
Its so unlike me to be like this never get pain but then i didnt think i ov have used ovulex tablets for last few weeks so guess thats done something.
Sorry to whinge just feel really tearful and my hubby still asleep been working till late all week so cant even talk to him till ha wakes up.xxxx


  • helloooo, hey this ttc thingy is so stressful isnt it? you'd never believe anyone if they told you before hand! i hope you feel better soon i cant offer yu any advice on the ovulex thing i really dont know, but we are all here to moan and whinge at each other!!! xx and then celebrate all our BFP's together too xxx
  • your not alone with the hollyoaks was soooo sad!!!! ttc can really mess with your body, mind, spirit, everything! as i have learnt and ive only beed trying a month. good luck
  • I'm with you on that, I seriously cried during hollyoaks ! Poor Steph and how cute is little Tom !

    I had a +ov stick a couple of days ago too, and since then I've had pain in my left ovary and then today the pain has moved to my utereus just like I get with AF so i'm not holding out much hope this month.

    Good luck
  • I get pain from OV right up until AF so it isn't unusual! Everyone feels it differently!! Keep up your PMA hun! xx
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