Advice please? - I'm confused!!

Evening ladies, I'm after a bit of advice. Came off the pill on Nov 22nd, had usuall withdrawal bleed and then started TTC, Throughout the next month had no OV symptoms, no change to CM etc so wasnt surprised when I got a BPN on xmas eve. AF (or so I thought) began yesterday, got some brown discharge in the afternoon, some pink in the evening and back to brown overnight and this morning. Since lunchtime...nada! Before I went on the pill (14/15 years ago) AF was full on, heavy (sorry, TMI) and usually accompanied by horrendous cramps and vomiting (reason I went on the pill) so I kind of expected my ist post pill AF to be similar. I havent even had any cramps. Theres a bit of my brain whispering to me that it could be an implantation bleed, but given my total lack of symptoms for AF, BFP or OV I'm pretty much at a loss. If anyone has any advice or experienced anything similar I would love to hear from you.

xx :\?


  • Hi Autumn 79. It's annoying isn't it?! After coming off the pill I've had one normal AF and one 'one evening AF' similar to what you describe. Now I'm still waiting for 2nd real AF (72 days). I used to have horrendous cramps too before I went on the pill and I didn't have any with my last AF or any other AF symptoms other than that it was a usual 5 days in length. It really does take some people a while to get used to not being on the pill - I've heard all kinds of different experiences since being on sites like this!
    But on the other hand it could have been an implantation bleed but as I haven't had this I don't have any experience of it!
    Really it's just a waiting game, which is really annoying, trust me, I know!!!!
    Good luck xx
  • Hi autumn79, sorry i can't help with your question and this is a lttile o/t but i just wanted to say i love your picture and is that your own horse?

    Like i said sorry to throw that in there without helping, but hope your af sorts itself out soon. I too went on the pill a few years ago because of awfully painful periods, i used to pass out and throw up but since i came off the pill they've been a lot better, still get bad af pain on the first day but nowhere near as bad as they used to be. Hope this is the same for you, or i hope even more that it's a shy bfp!!
  • Hi girls thanks for replying, I'm just so cheesed off at my body for being so vague about everything. I've never been the most patient of peeps so this waiting game is killing me! I would just like to have a symptom of somethig....anything just to prove I work properly lol!

    Poppy, the picture is of one of my horses, Bailey, I'm lucky to have 2 but Emma is a wee bit camera shy. he's actually the reason (or 1 of them) it took me a while to decide to TTC - 9 months of possibly not being able to ride is unthinkable! My Dr said it would be ok as long as I just walked and he is safe (which he is), I am an experienced rider but I just dont know if it's worth the risk..but thats a whole other question lol!!
  • well he's gorgeous! We have horses, well my mum does, but i rarely ride anymore. I've got a niece who is 2 and my mum is over the moon because she is obsessed with horses and my mum finally has someone to pass her obsession on to!
  • It's one of those things that once the bug bites, it never lets you go!! I have already told Oh that any children we have will be mucking out before their 1st Birthday lol!!
  • it's definitely better than sitting infront of computer games all day like most kids these days!
  • Hi hun what DPO are you testing at?

    I had a bit of a weird af this month and I too thought maybe could be implantation I guess only time will tell. I went to the doctors and she said if I dont get my next period then they would investigate but thats a bloody month away and a month in ttc time feels like a century he he.

    Have you had af at all then or is she totally awol??

  • I actually have no idea what DPO I tested on as I couldnt tell if I'd OV'd or not. I tested on about CD 30 or so and what I thought was AF arrived on 28th Dec but its so light and more of a brownish discharge (sorry TMI) with just a wee bit of pink when I wipe. Even when on the pill I had "proper" AF with cramps etc but this time, no cramps or nothing! I know what you mean about a month being foever, at the moment a week seems like a bloody eternity!
  • Its hard coming off the pill. I was on Microgynon for 10 plus years. Came off end of Sept, had first bleed about 4 days later then period has settled down to every 28 days, so I'm ovulating around day 14 or just before/after. However, this month, period was 2 days late, so thought I could be preggers, but not to be, came on on Xmas Day - here's to next month. Zxx
  • I agree with everyone above. I was on various pills for over 10 years and had very painful afs before and during each month but since coming off i hardly feel a thing and they are a lot lighter too. I guess it really does take a while for our bodies to settle into a new routine x
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