Missed you girlies!

After my super huge paddy tantrum when af arrived, I've kinda lurked and kept my eye on you lovlies getting your bfps, and have decided enough is enough, no more sulking! I've missed you all!

Soo, af is due on Friday, don't think we've done it this month but I'm prepared for her to arrive, so I'm ok. Just waiting for her to get her visit over with and use my pma for next cycle!

Hows everyone doing?




  • welcome back cass! yey cycle buddy! i'm due on friday too. don't know how i feel about it this month as for the last couple of weeks i've been feeling pretty positive (very unusual - usually i'm very pessamistic about the whole thing!) but now i could be due af at any time and haven't really had any symptoms i'm just really really nervous about af and want my bfp this month more than ever before!
    lets hope friday is lucky for both of us! remember not everyone has symptoms before getting bfp!
  • Hi Cass hun wondered where you had got to but I totally understand sometimes you just need to take a break away from all things baby related eh!

    We have just came back from a weekend in London went to see Dirty Dancing it was brill and had a really good weekend.

    Am onto month 3 now am CD15 I think after a weird af 11 days late, have had 2 urine tests done at docs and negative but because of my excessively bloated stomach they are finally doing a blood pregnancy test tmoz and then I will have closure by friday with what has gone on.

    I just feel like last few months everything has been going wrong and been in a nightmare.

    Good luck for friday hun, hope the witch stays away for you xx
  • Good Luck Cass Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Aww, C&C love to have a cycle buddy! Your pma sounds good! Wouldn't it be funny if we had our bfps without symptoms! - Although tonight, feel really sick and have got heartburn and light cramps, I think af might be warning me she's on her way!
    SD - I've been keeping my eye on you sweetie, can't believe what a rough time you've been having! Glad your bloods have been done, fingers crossed for a naughty shy bean xxx
    FP and GB, good luck my lovlies.
    Babydust to all, have been saving it up for a splurge!!!! xxxxx
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