ok this is our 1st month and we are meant to be taking it casual :\) have a week till af due and already im ss. past 2 days so tired im having a nap in the afternoon. do have a 7 month old so this would explain the tiredness. but i never nap, not since he was abot 3 months. sorish nipa started the past couple of days with a tingling. now just sensitive. so i know im being a little bit early on all this but what the heck, its worth it. :\)


  • I'm with you, I also have a week until AF is due image Although i've tried not to ss, I am a little :lol: the main one being that yesturday and the day before I had a pulling sensation on my right side - possible implantation? Other than that I don't think I have any, but I am still kinda looking!

  • I think we all start ttc thinking we are going to be casual but because it's so exciting and huuuge that it becomes all consuming lol. Im really gonna try not to ss in my 2ww (ov-ing at the mo) but i know that's not gonna happen but I am def staying off the ss for each dpo websites. Saying that I'm off to Waterstones for a baby book lol x
  • hmmm, i think i'll be joining you soon!! should be going into 2ww in the next couple of days.

  • I'm SS like a rare one.... pretending that I'm not but I know I am!!! I'm only 5dpo so it's ridiculous really,,,, the only thing i have so far is SPOTS! Loads of them too.... and i don't normally suffer. The odd couple around AF maybe but nothing at this time of the cycle... maybe its all the chocolate I have been eating!!?! Good luck girls xx
  • I've had spots too and I never get them - but sister did point out that that could be a result of coming off the pill
  • Yes that's true Sun Shine although I have been off the pill since April 09 so hope that its well and truly out of my system by now... Who knows?! Lets hope we have lucky spots!! x
  • Hi berly image

    You know my "story" and although I know this is not the time for me to be pregnant im getting excited and im watching out for every symtom.
    My af isnt due till monday week but think im getting a little cm but hey I could be getting that anyway.

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you hun xxxxx
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