Impulse buy!!!!

Heya guys i just want to confess that although me and my OH are still trying for a baby, i was out the other day and saw a gorgeous unisex newborn baby set that was 75% off sooooo cheap, im ashamed to say i bought it! I just look at it when i need cheering up! God i must be crazy, i know its wrong to buy baby clothes when you dont have a baby but i couldnt help myself!

Am i mad?



    Your not crazy, ive been buying stuff for ages. Got a sterilizer, blankets,dummies, teddies etc.
    I think it does help sometimes as you think that soon you could be using them on your baby.
    If your mad, then so am I (but then again, I probably am lol)
  • Well if your mad then so am i! When i started ttc i went to pondland and bought 3 pks of pregnancy tests, a pregnancy mag and a baby blanket!! I just couldnt stop myself. Im sure there are many women on here that have done the same. good luck for your bfp hun xxx
  • aaaaw how lovely!!!

    I'm never superstitous - but with this baby thing I am. I won't buy anything until past the 12 week stage. I will get a few pregnancy magazines though, but not sure I will ever beat my wedding magazine obsession before I got wed!!!

  • Oh i didnt mention the baby blanket was PINK!! xx
  • ive been so tempted, but I know OH would think I've gone crazy.

    I want to be PG so badly
  • Awww thanks so much guys! It makes me feel slighly less madder knowing other people have been as keen as me. Its just so hard not buying anything when u want to be PG so bad.

    xx thanks to everyone
  • As long as you dont go too mad i think it can actually help, it makes you feel like your doing something towards that final goal! xx
  • I bought stuff a year ago!!! i dont think ur mad - just excited about having a baby one day!!!
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