FAO Donnat2004

Hey Hun,
Just checking to see how your going... anymore signs? I've had a couple more come up.. honestly i think this might be my month (fingers crossed)
hope to hear from u soon xximage


  • Hi hun, really sweet of you to ask. I'm still SS like crazy! Got very sensitive/sore nipples and my boobies have now developed thick green veins across them and feel heavier. Still have my pulling/stretching sensations, having waves of sickness too. I just feel 'different' this month so hoping it my month too.
    How are you doing? What symptoms have you got?
    I am due to test of the 12th Jan, but I'm not sure if I can hold out that long! x
  • Well ive been weeing alot, and if i dont eat breakfast as soon as i get up i feel sick (i never eat bf). Plus real tired, my nipples arent sore their more sensitive.. News things are the stretching feeling in my womb area not sure wat that is. Ive also had gas lol and a couple of weird dreams the last couple of nights lol....

    im with u, i just feel different and i cant describe it.... i tested 6dpo which i knew it was way too soon but did it anyway lol... im due to test on sunday but im getting impatient....

    Lets hope its our month!
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