Where is it :-(

Ok so I finished my pill on monday and my 3rd day which is the day I should of come on was yesterday and no AF!!! I want to get this out of the way so I can start TTC for the first time. i think as I missed my period last month for no reason I am worried there is something wrong with me and that is why i am not coming on.

I just want to AF!!!! That will mostly liekly by the last time you hear that from me LOL



  • If you missed your af last month do you think that you could already be pregnant! Have you tested? x
  • Prob doesn't help but when I took my last pill it took almost two months for my first period I was a bag of nerves cos I had all the symptoms of being PG (and we weren't quite ready then to ttc!) xx
  • I did think that but i have done in all 5 tests spread out and am not Preg image All BFN.
    I did see the doctor who asked for a urine sample which I handed in last friday called up on monday and they had lost it.

    So I was going to wait to see if I came on this month which should of been yesterday and if not they by next week go back and see him.

    k xxx

  • Oh im sorry to hear that your tests were all bfns, the pill has a lot to answer for!! I hope you dont lose your pma, keep your chin up im sure your af will put in an appearance soon then you can get down to some serious baby making!! good luck xx
  • Thanks girls, I really thought though that my body does not know I have come off it so surly my body will still think I am on the 7 days break and bleed in that time?? I undertsand after this AF I may have to wait ages for my next one but I thought this one would be ok??

    k xxxx
  • k-lou, I have replied in your other thread belly ache also. If you didn't bleed the last time on the pill, your body may not have been intending to bleed this time. In what would have been your 7 pill free days. I do suggest you go back to the dr, even if it is just to provide another urine sample. Can't believe they lost that!!
    I'm sure it is nothing to worry about, and if you have the feeling af is coming, it may well. But my pill literature said missing one af was ok, two should see dr.
    Let us know the outcome. Good luck. xx
  • Thanks honey I am stressing myself out. I had already told myself I would wait till the bank holiday monday and if i still had not come on by then i was defo going back.

    I don;t really feel like it is coming on, I have had a few aches and pains and my boobs are a little sore and very full. I think me worrying about it not coming is not helping but I just can't help it.

    Do you think is it poss to have done 5 preg tests over the last four weeks all being BFN and still be preg? or do you think there is no chance?

    I have lower back ache which i never get when i am ddue on for thelast week and had head aches for about a week two weeks ago though not had anything since? i have been bloated ever since I missed my period. Not felt sick at all though some days I wee more than normal but not really anything that stands out to me??

    K xxx
  • Our bodies are so complicated, and are great at misleading us. :\(

    I think there is a possibility you could be pg, but it depends on how regular you were in your pill taking. Now the pill is probably still not out of your system yet, which makes it more complicated. Those 5 tests could have just been too early, or you just didn't bleed on your 7 pill free days the first time.

    I can see why you are confused. :\?

    I stopped the pill end of March. Now my af symptoms have changed, I have never had the sharp right sided pain I have been getting since mid cycle, through to this cycle (now CD 8). Have had af cramps for last 3 days, and they used to last 2! Oh the joy!! :roll:

    Try not to worry, if you are planning to see the dr, then you have a plan! With my PMA I see 2 positive outcomes. One is you get confirmation you might be or are pg, the other is you are a healthy female who's body is trying to sort itself out to make a good environment to ttc. image

    Obviously we know what outcome is preferred. xx
  • Its been along time since my last preg but for the first mth i had BFNS. I also had blood test from docs which was neg. Knew something was dif so did another test a week later & got a BFP!! Dont rule anything out til AF comes. Good luck xxx
  • K-Lou i'm sure AF will turn up soon. My symptons were totally different this month (1st month off pill). I had a blinding headache which i dont normally get, greasy skin and spots. It is also a lot lighter than when i was on the pill. I've also been totally knackered which is not like me and thats me doing two jobs - i dont how i'll get to work tomorrow lol. Fingers crossed it shows up at the weekend but you never know you might also get a BFP.
  • Thank you girls image Betty did you get a AF though as soon as you came off? I just keep thinking that my body does not know i am off the pill for good and I finished the whole packet so my body should be thinking I am on a 7 day break so should bleed.

    I will see what happens U just hate waiting and it gives me time to think up something else!!!! I am going to try to take my mind off it this weekend and if I don;t then it will be the doctors for me and I will have to get something done?

    mrsalston - Really??? how did you feel?? i mean its hard to say how i have felt as I have had a cold on an off?

    k xxx

  • K-lou heres was happend:-

    Took last pill on the sunday & AF arrived following saturday as per usual.

    27/28 days later AF arrived although i had i been taking the pill i should have arrived tommorrow.

    I just hope i'm as lucky next month. Although i suppose the pill does different things to different people i.e. weight gain and stuff like that. I must admit i was dancing around when it arrived and OH thought i had seen a spider with the commotion!!

    hang on in there is weekend.

  • See that would be right so really I should get this Af no matter what. If i don;t then there is a problem with me and I will have to get that sorted out.

    I hope you carry on like that if you do your be laughing, that will have happened very fast for you image

  • Hey dont be draft you not got a problem - if your first month pill free so it will take time for you to settle down - where your PMA went.

    I not entirely convinced that my cycle will stay like this as i thought i would be one of the ones that it would take ages to regulate but i'm going to BD every night for a week from next weekend to give me the best chance of BFP. OH will be well pleased as we are getting an extension at the minute and he can have a wee break image
  • hee hee you will get there you never know you might just be one of the lukcy ones and have it back to normal so fast??

    I am worried there is something wrong though that will be two periods in a row I have missed and that is not right??

    i would not mind of i came on now and then waited ages for the next one as that would be about right. just wish I could at least feel like AF was coming you know. Oh well it;s waiting game I guess XX
  • i used to get feelings like a tug of war in my stomach and then when what would feel like a rope snapping AF would arrive. But i thought i just had a 'bad day at the office' with my sore head and greasy skin cos it was warm and i never got out at lunchtime. I actually now feel different when having AF now as well in that i am totally shattered. So you never know this could be your weekend.

    Enjoy yourself over the holiday and see what happens.
  • Don't lose your PMA. You could still be pg but the tests might not be picking it up. Otherwise, if you're not pg, sometimes if you're stressed your af stays away and is a bit delayed. Its a really hard thing but try not to worry - as you say it is an annoying waiting game. xxx
  • Thank you image I just worry a long and I am so worried there is something wrong with me and that is why I have had no Af

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