Poll just for fun..!

Just for fun..

We are all waiting for our BFP....

So when you get that BFP what will be the first baby thing you will buy....???

I think i coudn't resist those tiny baby hats for when they are first born..... Prob would buy that straight away and then wait until later on to buy everything else....!



  • booties... to give to my hubby to tell him im pg
  • Probably nothing until around the 12 wk mark. I want to get our 5 yr old a 'i'm going to be a big brother tshirt'. X
  • i just cant resist babysocks so although ive got loads of stuff from lo, the day i get my 12week scan i will be off to buy a little pair of tiny socks.lol.xxx
  • hooded towels!
    they look so adorable in them image
  • Well, this is something I've never thought about! 13 months trying so far makes me pessimistic. I think I would wait until after 12 weeks and then... perhaps some tiny socks or hats? Soo cute. Thanks Trying82, you have made me feel like it may actually happen one day!!!
  • I have a personalised baby vest and bib already image next I'll probably buy wee socks and boots, they are soooo cute! xx
  • Once am past the 12 week stage probably start buying everything in sight he he.

    I want to buy a bib and a pair of booties to hand to hubby with my POAS when I get our BFP xx
  • i've never thought about this! i like the idea of giving something to OH to tell him you're pregnant, might pinch that and buy some little socks to give him. after 12 weeks i'll be buying everthing in sight too! little cardigans are gorgeous! xx
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