CD 7. Buddy urgently needed

Hi all, i just needed to write this down and then maybe Ill feel a little better about it all. I got my 1st af since my miscarriage on 2nd of feb about a week ago and am still bleeding (lightly). I am absolutely determined that this month I have to get pregnant again or i think I might burst. All I can think about it why Im not pregnant anymore, I dont think I cant wait any longer. we are doing SMEP this month which means bding tomorrow- hope Ive stoppped by then. Please does anyone need a partner? I absolutely desperate. Thanks X


  • hi

    my name is cha and i'm cd7 as well so i'll be ur buddy if u want

  • That would be great. When are you due to test etc? Im 16th April x
  • Im on CD 5 i am right behind you angel x
  • not sure yet as this is my first AF after the pill so am waiting for a smiley face (finegars crossed) so hopefully around the same time as u.


  • Hiya I'm CD7 and due to test on the 20th April if you want another buddy x
  • Me, too. I'm on CD7.
  • Thats excellent, we can all be excited demented women together lol!! On a brighter note, bleeding stoppped and last night we bd although officially were due to start SMEP tonight. Just practicing!!! This IS OUR month girls!!!! Buckets of PMA x x
  • Hi Angel your story is very similar to mine. I had a mmc in late January followed by a D&C. After my first af I was feeling EXACTLY like you are right now. All I wanted to be was pg again and I couldn't get my head around why I wasn't. I even continued to look for baby things and buy maternity clothes!!! Crazy girl - I lost mine at 11weeks.

    This isn't going to help you much but obviously I'm still on here ttc and so I was devastated last month when we did all the right things (OPK's, smep etc.) and nothing happened for us - BFN. Not to say it won't happen for you in the first month of course, I truly hope it does, I guess all I'm trying to say is that I was right where you are a few weeks ago so feel free to lean on me a little if I can help. This will be my 2nd month after mmc ttc and I feel a little more relaxed about it now, not so desperate as I felt before. It is hard though, very hard, probably one of the hardest things I've been through. We'll be there again and I'm looking forward to maybe getting my xmas baby this month.

    So I'm on cd8 today, due to ov around the 31st and testing on April 14ish, although probably not, as I'm a poas addict and I test for days on end going by last month image(I don't think that helped my pma last month btw!). oh and I will start smep, with pre-seed this month, on Sunday. I'm also using opk's and also starting temping too! If anyone thinks of anything else I should be doing feel free to add!!!:lol:
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