For all you Clomid takers. It works! I finally got my BFP

As some of you know I have PCOS and have been on Clomid for five months. I have had really bad side effects and on the days I took it I was quite depressed. So if you are in the same situation as me don't give up. It does work

Anyway I decided to test the other day as my lo has the lurgy and I though I maybe had it too. I thought if I had a BFN I could dose myself up with paracetamol. So I was shocked that it was a BFP as the last four months I was sure I managed it, had all the pregnancy symptoms and never had. This month apart from shattered I have no symptoms.

I'm well and truely shocked but pleased so many folks have got there too. Come the rest of you. We want Jan forum to be the fullest!

If you reading this camlo. Remember our pact! Only eight weeks to go till I'm 12 weeks!!

Also facebook friends it's a secret for a while too!

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  • Well done and congrats to you babe i am sooo pleased for you image Here is to a wonderful 9 months xxxxxxxxxx
  • Well done you!! congratulations - hope you have a happy 9 months!!
  • Congratualtions honey!!!
  • Katewi Congratulations. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Great news xxx I am going to post a question for you seperately.
  • Yabadabadoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was going to call you last night but then thought better not as didn't want to upset you being preg myself !!
    I am soooooooo pleased - and nan will be beside herself (I won't tell her)
    Ben passed his driving test this morning so double celebration !!
    Speak soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thank you guys. I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

    Camlo we must catch up soon. Well done Ben too.
  • congrats honey

    hope you have a healthy and happy 9 mths!!
  • Congratulations hunni xxx
  • Congratulations, hope you have a happy nine months. Hope you don't mind me asking but how did you come to take Chlomid? I have been reading about the success rates of people who take it. Did you do anything different and how long have you been ttc
  • Congratulations!! Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. x
  • maddie2008, I was diganosed with PCOS in 2005 with a few cysts and prescribed Clomid because I wasn't ovulating much. I concieved my lo after five months and spookly this one after five months on Clomid.

    I was put straight back on clomid for number 2 as my periods weren'y happening when I wanted to concieve.

    I didn't do anything differently apart from willing myself to be pregnant. I was due in hospital in three months to have my ovarian cysts removed if I wasn't pregnant and just didn't want to go!!
  • Yay, fantastic news, this is amaxing. Congratulations.
  • Congratulations hun! Thats great! I am on my first month of Clomid - so trying not to get my hopes up! I am on day 9 today - so OH won't know whats hit him when I get him home!!!

  • Congratulations - glad to hear it all worked out for you and hope you have a happy, healthy 9 months

  • Congratulations!!!! I am soooo pleased for you!! It is also great to hear of a clomid success!!

    I am on by 2nd cycle taking clomid, day 16 so been very busy image. I know i ovulated last month as had scans and blood test, but hospital have left me to it this month and not convinced anything is happening this time!

    What dose were you on? Any signs or symptoms i should be watching for? x x x
  • jph5uk

    I was on 50mg dose. You should ovulate this month if you did last month as the drugs are quite affective. I would get a pain round ovulation. Did you get any pains last month? Some don't

    I had no symptoms apart from run down and tired.

    I hope you can join me soon in the jan forum

  • congratulations!! it's so reassuring for those on clomid to have a success story! Hoping you have a fabulous 9 months xxx
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