What the hell is going on????

Im a bit confused, I had mc 2 weeks ago, and on Sunday and monday this week I had what I thought was ewcm. Had my follow up scan yesterday and was told to expect af anytime in next 4 weeks. Thing is I have had weird achey feelings low down on right side yesterday and Tue, and today I have pinky brown cm.

Surely its way too early for af? Would af 'stuff' have shown up on scan? I dont know what is going on and its driving me mad!

She did press quite hard with the scanner, so could it be that she 'dislodged' something and thats what this streaky cm is? AAAAARRRRGGH!! so many questions and no clues! image

If anyone can shed some light, I would REALLY apreciate it, as Im going nuts! :roll: xxx


  • They can see the lining of the uterus on a scan and how much blood is there. Sorry to hear about the mc. I would wait and see what happens with the cm over the next 24 hours - it could be af. Might be worth trying to speak to gp or failing that the advisors on the cow and gate website (if you get a midwife) could help. Sorry i can't help any more but didn't want to r&R xx
  • Really sorry to hear about your mc. It could be your body still readjusting after mc, but I agree with taffy that they can see how much blood you have left during the scan. If they have said 4 weeks for af, and they have done a scan, then I would assume it isn't af. Are you having a month off TTC or are you continuing?
  • The wierd achy feelings on right might be OV? not sure what the cm means though, sorry im not more help x x x
  • Thanks for your replies x

    taffygirl, I will keep an eye on things and if there is no change over the weekend I will try and get apt with gp next week.

    sevans, I have decided to bd as usual and see what happens, not going to actually wait for first af as such, but not going to get obsessed with ttc (for now!) as no idea what or when to look for.

    fiona86, I thought at first it might be ov, especially coming after the ewcm, but is it likely to go on for 2 days?

    Does anyone know if its possible to have ov bleed? (kind of grasping at straws here aren't I?! image )

    There I am saying I wont get obsessed and then I go ahead and obsess anyway! x
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