How accurate are Pregnancy Tests? Please read

Hi ladies,

I was wondering how accurate the tests are since for a lot of products, far too much marketing jargon is used. For example false lashes are used to sell mascara and extensions used to sell colouring products so how accurate are the claims of the pregnancy manufacturers

Well found this result on-line, although I must warm it was done in 2003. Still it could be useful to read and might provide a little better insight into when you decide to test

It' s a bit of a long read, but hope you find it useful


  • Thanks for that Mother1, some things I didn't know there. x
  • thanks mother1, I think when the time comes though I will be way to impatient to wait!
  • Yeah know what you mean image my oh and I couldn't wait either. It was the mixed results that prompted me to research their accuracy... also nothing on telly so plenty of time on my hands lol
  • That was really interesting actually mother1.
    Would be good to find a uk version that would include some of the supermarket cheapies.

    Last cycle I did get through 6 tests just to conclude I was BFN! I think the market preys on us being impatient which is why the 5 day before AF has come out etc.
    H x
  • mother1, very interesting reading, me too, went through 4 to conclude a BFN this month he he, at least they were first response, will keep this in mind next month xx
  • That's really interesting and explains how AF can be late...didn't know that before...all the stuff about implantation
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