Testing before holiday

This is my first month off the pill and ttc but im going on holiday on thursday, it not going to be a mad one but im wondering whether to test before I go so I know if I can have a drink or not. What do you guys think? I think I was due on yesterday but as I havent been taking the pill AF could come anytime so not suprised its not here yet. What do you reckon?


  • It can't hurt to test (apart from your wallet :lolimage, at least you can relax then!

    Good luck xxx
  • True, might just see if I can grab a cheap one when im out tommorow. All my money is in euros now!
  • I would def test.
  • Feel a bit nervous this morning, was going to nip out at lunch but not sure if I want to shatter the illusion if you know what I mean. I suppose its best to get it over with, dont want to be wondering in a foreign country.
  • Fingers crossed. Let us know how you get on either way xxx
  • Did you test Kate? Fingers and toes crossed for your BFP x
  • No wasnt brave enough lto leave the office at lunch lol, think I will leave it until tommorow morning, got to go out and get a few last minute bits so ill pop into Asda and get a HPT
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