whats the deal with a faint positive

hi ladies i wonder if you can help me, ive been trying for a baby for nearly a year now,But have been told recently that i have pcos and to lose 5 stone and go back and they will give me clomid to help me.The thing is i have had af type cramps all week and really sore boobs, So thought i was comming on. But after a week of this i decided i would do a test just to rule pregnancy out so i dont get my hopes up. Well it came up with a faint positive line. Does this mean im pregnant? Hubby saw line too it was faint but eay too see if you know what i mean. I did enother test today and another faint line. Just dont know what to think really have started feeling tired and sicky but dont want to get excited incase its nothing. xx


  • Is it after af is due? As could be hCG level low. Are you testing with Full Morning Urine (FMU)? As that is when hormone is strongest. What test are you using? mybe try a First response or CBD? xx
  • So long as your positive line came up in the right time i would say you are definatly pregnant. Go and get yourself a clearblue digital then you can see it in words.
    Good luck hunny
  • Because i have pcos im not sure when af is due but going by last few months its around now, have been testing first thing in the morning with ebay cheepies x
  • Sounds like you're pregnant to me, like the other ladies said, get a propper test to avoid any confusion. Good luck, and I think CONGRATULATIONS!
  • i would go and get a clear blue digital as those words dont lie!! we found it really hard reading the first few tests we did as the line was so faint. good luck!! xxxx
  • A line is a line as long as it isn't an evaporation line!

    I agree with the others that getting one that says Pregnant or Not Pregnant should clear things up. Good luck! x
  • Hi ladies, hope you don't mind me crashing for teh Dec Due forum!

    I agree with the others, a line's a line as they say!
    My BFP was very faint to start with at around 9DPO, and then just kept getting stronger, so I'd say it sounds like good news for you fingerscrossed! CB digi are great though, definitely the best for a no nonsense answer!

    Good luck!!
    Iz x 15+4
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