Hi Stacey!

just a catch up!? hows things with you? still got your symptoms? god i hate this 2ww!! trying not to think about it this time!! :-/

would be good to hear from you!! image xxxx


  • Hi Lucy !

    Yeah I am having a few symptoms ! Having some mild aches and pains that feel like AF pains, and tired and slightly painful boobs !! So this is all very promising !! But as this is first month off the pill - I have no idea when I am due on or anything, so gonna guess that its 28 day cycle and go from there ! If I do get AF this month, then at least i'll know roughly how long my cycle will be : )

    I am going to test on Sunday if no AF - so we'll see ! That should be 11 dpo - so should show if I am : )

    How are you doing?
  • ooh fingers crossed for you hun!! :\)

    Dose sound promising tho!! if you do test monday and you get a BFN try to keep positive as you may just test at the wrong time!?? if you dont know your cycles? let me know when you get your result!! image

    im ok,just keep getting waves of nausea and boobs sore, few weird twinges in lower part of tummy and few pains there and slight achey back lower part! apart from that nothing really that im noticing!? i will be on holiday when AF is due so will update you when im back!!

  • Sounds positive for you too !! going any where nice on holiday ? I have booked a holiday end March - so if I am pg by then I will have to check with DR that I am OK to go ! lol !

    All fingers crossed and lots of PMA for both of us !!!! xx
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