Af came early!

Well it looks like my body is still adjusting after the pill as AF has paid an early visit - 6 days early which makes my last cycle 29 days. Pleased she's here tho so we can get on with more bd sooner than I thought!
Hope you've all had a great long weekend xx


  • Sorry shecame, good luck for your next month xxx
  • I don't mind - actually pleased as I knew I was out for this month! xx
  • Right then time to launch 'The Plan' - operation Wildthing junior has begun!
    Oh and by the way AF 2 days late, but superdrug tests BFN image
  • Hi Hun, I know a few people that haven't got a bfp until over a week late! There is hope yet! Fingers crossed for you chick! Yes let the op commence, lol. I say af has arrived but it's dark red/brown and only enough for 1 panty liner....all day!!! Sorry if tmi! Probably the start of it. Xx
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