what does everyone do for a living???

my name is sarah and im 21! already have a 4 and a half year old daughter. am currently training to become a solicitor and am therefore detirmined to make things harder for my self by having another baby asap. ha ha ha! i know some people may think im nuts but im pretty detirmined to sucseed in life whatever happens and me and hubby are definatly sure the time is right so why not lol.



  • g/c from planning, I'm a solicitor! It's nice to know I'm not the only one on here image How long have you got left til you qualify?

  • just my training contract now.....so 2 years! what area do u do?
  • I do residential conveyancing, family and private client. Not too keen on family but my firm like us to do a mixture of things!

    What area do you want to do? Have you started your training contract yet?

  • im not as glamorous as you 2 lol but im a gobby supervisor of a newsagents lol
  • not quite yet got a few interviews lined up to start in sept. um criminal and family mainly and maybe employment. bad ones considering the whole legal aid fuss lol
  • well grudie that sounds much more satisfying! swap???
  • haha, it's definitely not glamorous, just stressful!! I do love it though image

  • I bet criminal would be interesting! Good luck, hope you get a training contract and get to do the areas you want! x
  • haha no sorry no swapsies i love my job lol
  • I'm a youth worker, I work for a young peoples charity that works with disadvantaged tenagers. it's a fab job, although can be draining. x
  • I'm a police officer in south east London ! Defo not glamourous! X
  • I'm a police officer in south east London ! Defo not glamourous! X
  • Im a police officer to! Ditto, def not glamourous!!x
  • Where are you based? I work on response team at the moment, 12 hour shifts and all that! Nightmare X
  • Hey Baby-p I used to live in south east London (Dulwich and then New Cross - now thats class for you - it did improve in the 2000's from back in the 90's though) before I moved to Dallas Texas - good luck with that one!!!

    I'm a contract negotiator and director for an outsourcing firm in Dallas. From the UK orginally though. Not glamerous either - although Dallas can be glam!

    I miss the UK though but get over with work once in a while. My family still live there too, well most of them do, my brother is a police officer, originally out of the UK but got recruited to the Cayman Islands, British jurisdiction - you should try and swing that one Baby-p!! image
  • Hey,

    Im in Essex. Was response team for 7 yrs but then had my DD and when I went back I went part time so am now on a neighbourhood policing team. Its def not as fun!!
  • im a supervisor for primark, so far from glam!!! i dont think i could come back xxx but it pays really well and i just love retail!!! before having my DD i was a manager at Evans ( arcadia group) but wasnt able to do the hours and travel and see my dd all in the same day so quit xxx
  • I cover dulwich as part of my ground. I want to get off response as the doc thinks the 12 hour shifts aren't helping my inability to get pregnant.

    Dallas! How lovely and the cayman islands, alot nicer then Peckham high street I bet!

    I think if I ever do get preg, part time safer neighbourhoods would be the posting for me image xx
  • Oh baby-p how could you not love Peckham high street!!!!! image
  • I'm work in Housing at a local Council and do policies and strategies.

    Not as exciting as some of you though. xxx
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