What are the chances are if ya???

Hi Ya Ladies, not been around much lately as its been getting me down all this trying for a baby, then me being so let down when my af arrives so have took a little break.
Been to the doctors as im having tests done at the moment dont know the results just yet.
Anyway doctor asked me loads of questions and said are you bd enough, and to be honest we only really do about 3-4 times a week really.
So my question is if you did do it every day what are the chances of it happening becoming pregnant? is this a silly question!
Is it that hard to get pregnant cause it feels like its never gonna happen!
Sorry ladies may sound really stupid. x x


  • Hi hun, if your partner has low sperm count or any problems with his sperm then you should bd every other night.
    If your partner is fine then you should aim to bed every night around ovulation to boost your chances of conceiving.
    Good luck. x x
  • Im not to sure if he has, he has got some1 pregnant before in his previous relationship (but she never kept baby) so i dont think he has i think im the one with the problem.
    but she was cheating on him so who knows.
    Well we have every night for the last 8 nights and im gonna keep going for another week as its all around the time and more.
    Is it that hard? I thought it would always be so easy to get pregnant how wrong was i haha x x
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