AF finished already?

Oh well AF stopped yesterday so that was only a three day bleed. i am hoping thats ok and normal though it was very heavy so maybe that is why it did not last very long.

I am pleased i have no more pain though roll on next next when i am due to OV!!

K xx


  • glad it is over - periods can be weird after you have been on the pill for a while - good luck for this month
  • Thanks honey as it was so heavy on the sunday I really thought it was going to be a good few days. I was about 5 days before I went on the pill it would be fab if the pill have mad them shorter though i don;t think i have that much luck LOL

    K xx
  • I'd say that's normal - I normally get about 3 full days of 'proper' bleeding, and then it stops for a day, then comes back for about 1/2 day but only very light.

    Pain in the AZ!

  • I wouldnt worry about it, it could be either the pill or the fact that it was heavy that has made it shorter than usulal. I would love a 3 day af! lol! x
  • I think i must be very lucky my afs are only 3 days long! x
  • I feel very lucky hee hee I am sooo excited about maybe OV next week I really hope this month I get ewcm

    K xx
  • How's the green tea drinking going? i can't stand the stuff so am trying to drink lots of water instead and take epo! i'm getting excited about ov time to but i'm only on cd2 so i've got a while 2 go yet!
  • ha ha we are soo alike i have given up the green tea after just one day LOL and now will just be taking the EPO and also drinking loads of water I am on my second water already though it's only a small bottle.

    I am really wondering if i should use OV sticks this month but I know if i do not get a + it will really upset me but then on the other hand at least I will know we wont have done it this month if I don;t so wont have to worry about the whole 2ww what do you think?

    K xx

    K xx
  • I don;t know about these ov sticks. i have bought some but from what i read, you might not get a + even if you are ov if you do it at wrong time or drink too much water before or go to the loo to soon, so i am going to do them but will just do the evry other day tactic anyway and if it does show a + then go for it.
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