Your help needed please

Hi All,

I got my first smiley face on Sat 14th November (we've been ttcing since sept 08) and had been using cheapies which are not alwayseasy to read) o we bd on the 14th before that and after. I was really surprised when AF came on 27th Nov because i thought i was bound to get lucky. anyway my period cycle was 25 days and the month before that was 27. My cycle days seems to be getting shortter and shorter.

do you think it is mother nature? i wasnt stressed because i am on holiday at the mo and was feeling quite up beat. well no August bean for me then!!


  • Do you generally have shorter cycles or are they getting shorter each month? If they just alter by a few days each month one way or the other, I think this is perfectly normal. I used to have cycles ranging from 23 - 27 days and OV'd on different days too. Couldn't put anything down to this, just the way things are. Sure it's just mother nature, wishing you lots of luck for this month xx
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