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F.A.O Mummywannabe!

Hey hun, just wondering how your going, Havent spoke to you in a bit. Is af still staying away?? Anyways hope ur ok hun, know youve had some tests this week, hope it all went ok.

kim xxx


  • Hi ya!

    I'm quiclly popping on here in work! So have to be quick!

    Still no a/f - small pangs - but no major period pains as if a/f was here - boob ache a little - not much and mainly in morning when wake up - think thats a/f sign really!

    Just this minute called the docs to make sure they had my results in - didn't want a wasted trip on Monday morning as my appoinment is at 8.30 when they open - so couldn't call monday morning to check.
    Feeling a nit nervous about it all and a bit all over the place - can't explain it really but for once in my whole life - I can't wait for the weekend to be!!!! I've got half day today - so finishing work at lunch time and then may go do a bit of shopping for christmas to take my mind off it!

    How about you - how are you doing hun?

  • Hey hun im good, having lots of signs so am feeling quite hopefull for this month, really sore (.)(.) and cramps on and off.... wont get my hopes up though as past experience has shown me itl all go wrong then!!! Hope ur bloods show something, makes you feel alot better when the results say all is fine, u relax more and become more calmer!!! My other lo has chicken pox now, so am stuck in all wkend, and oh is away so its guna be very boring!!!! xxxx
  • Awww! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya hun!
    I've just tested AGAIN and BFN!!! So just eating a bag of chocolate buttons as comfort food then off down the gym - it's my free pass for a day - and then I'm sigining up - what harm can it do??? Also I have a party to go to on new years eve - so need to look fab and just bought a dress that shows every lump and bump!!! So have 4 weeks to shape up! Gonna see that as my new challenge!!!

    I'm sorry you're going to be having a boring weekend! I'm sure you could find something to do! I don't have any plans either really! We have a fun day on sunday - it's a work thing and you take kids along - so taking my sisters!
    I've just done some shopping so that bit nearer to finishing off xmas presents - just need to do a bit of online shopping and I think I'm done!

    So when are you due?


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