Anyone coming into their 2ww?

`Im gonna officially start my 2ww tomorrow anyone with me?

im on cd14 so tomorrow is cd15 and im pretty confident i ov'd in the last few days.



  • yes me!
    i'm on CD16 now image xxx
  • woohoo! Glad i have some guys on board with me! mine is usually 14 days so im not due until the 17/18th but im not gonna even try and test until 19th at the earliest!! Well im gonna try anyway!! LOts of pma and babydust to everyone..this is the month!!
  • i am determined not to buy any pg tests until i am late or no signs of AF. if no AF will test 2 weeks today - 19th. or maybe the 18th!
  • ill hold out to the 19th if you do hun
  • ok then deal! xx
  • that way ill be a good some money and we will both get our bfps at the same time
  • i shall be testing again on the 12th and if still bfn i shall be testing on the 23rd! and if its still bfn i'm gonna cry x good luck and lots of sticky babydust to all xx
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