Q bout OV sticks

Have had short cycles 22/23 days but only 16 days last month so obviously no OV. Having 21 day bloods on 28th july to check if OVing or not. According to ov calculators given my normal cycle would have been due to OV yesterday/ today. Have used cheap ov sticks last night and got a faint line, not as dark as the control line so technically not a positive result, but done ov stick tonight and theres no line at all!!
Wot does everyone think? am just upset to think I may not ov at all, but if there is a line one day and not the next it's detecting something right???
It's all soo confusing and finding it hard to maintain PMA

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  • I used ovk last month and i got 2 faint lines then the next day the line was much darker but not as dark or darker than the control line so i just assumed that i would get a really stronge line the next day but when i tested the next day there was no line at all!! I believe that i got a positive but for some reason the line just didnt get as dark as the control line like the instructions said it should, they were just cheapy tests so maybe thats the reason! Im using a mixture of clearblue digital and cheapies this month and im going to test twice a day, im determined not to miss it this time!! good luck and sorry for rambling on! lol. xxxx
  • bd just incase, i wouldn't fully rely on the cheapys
    i've used the cheapy opk from ebay and never picked up anything yet. i decided to get a cb digital one in the end and on the day i got a positive on my cb digital i decided to test a cheapy one in the same urine to see wot happened and it still came up neg on them.

  • i had 3 days of getting a line but not as dark as the control line but i got a bfp,maybe you missed the peak but you got a faint line so its gotta be good,the online indicators is only a rough guess of when your gonna be ov' so you just might have ov a day earlier,also did you test at the same time aswell as this is important too

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