had blood test yesterday to confirm bfp

well was having a lot of very faint to faint positives in all types of HPT, and docs urine tests were neg, so they took my blood and i'm wondering if it's more likely that i am pregnant than not..

anyone else had this?

thanks x


  • Did not want to read and run, Never had this before have you had any other signs?

  • feeling sick, not being sick thou, and having tender boobs, and some light cramping about 1-2 weeks ago thats gone now and a no show with AF lol, came off the implant and OV the same day and we BD straight away..

    had like a load of faint pos and some neg so unsure, i feel pregnant thou lol. even though i aint been before.

  • It's all good signs honey, what tests are you using you should try a CBD?

  • used first response early result, asda cheap strips and their normal HPT, wilkos cheap strips lol, and used a clear blue digital one like 1.5 weeks ago, which was BFN, yeah, i wanna get another, but get my results on friday so i may as well save my pennies lol, but its soooo hard waiting.xx
  • Ahh I would say if you can stay strong wait as the blood test will defo tell you if you are preg or not. I will have everything crossed for you, you keep us informed ok image

  • yep i will do, thanks! xx
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