Ebays cheap test are POOOOP :D

ok ladys i have been testing for the last 3 days and have done 6 tests :lol:


This was my SD test 10 miu at 13 dpo image blink and u'll miss it lol

Then today tesco 25 miu at 15dpo

So there getting darker but i did a ebay 10miu
thismorning 1st thing and it so faint it looks like a evap
i am not worried but no longer like the ebay tests..... :lol:

And i loved loking at pos test pics when i was ttc image image image

dam ad's image

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  • http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae259/gembags/P300310_1446.jpg

    Tesco at the top and poooop ebay the the bottom

    Tesco r ment to be 25miu and ebay test i got was 10miu ggrrrr
  • I have an ebay cheapy in the draw somewhere, might have to test this out now! Thanx for the tip hun! x
  • lol see if mine r just duff lol
  • I never got a positive using ebay cheapie OPK's - so figured that the HPT's would be the same.

    Superdrug tests are 10miu and pretty cheap.

  • ah susiee i posted on ur post the other day image

    I have the tesco test next to me and i just keep looking at it :lol: had to throw the SD away lol

    going to get 2 more SD 2mro and not use the ebay tests i dont like them

    See you in preg susiee xxxx
  • I've got some amazon cheap opk's and they work just fine. I am hoping the hpt's that they sell work just as well! I guess we will see - hopefully! :\)
  • the opks i found realy good 3rd month using them image

    going to use fmu and hoping i sleep all night
    I had done the test thismorning but i went loo in the night 3 times :lol:
    Maby my fmu was not much of fmu lol

  • I cant seen to get a positive OPK with the ebay ones, got faint line with superdrug though x
  • i bought a pack of 5 ebay preg tests and ive done 2 and got a negative for both and with u ladies saying that im off to superdrugs tomorrow as im 10 days late and no signs of af?? xxxx
  • The Ebay ones are no way 10miu - I got good strong positives on any other test, but the Ebay ones were a few days behind before I could see a line x
  • I got a POS this morning after my CBD lol for the 1st time

    its faint but there and im 18 dpo image

    See u in DID soon hun xx
  • I got a strong line on one this morning (FMU) and AF due 2muro. I wasn't expecting to see much after reading this thread but it's given me some extra hope that this bean will stick!!! x x x
  • yep!!

    i didint get a good line until well after af was due and in the meantime got a cbd and fr really strong line they are pooooop!

    congrats again!
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