9dpo - implantation?

Hi ladies,

Tmi alert!

Went to the loo earlier and when I wiped had brown tinged cm and lots of it. Im on cd22 / 9dpo could it b implantation?


  • Could be...hope so! When were you planning on testing? Good luck x
  • this sounds very positive! I wouldnt test for a few days at least tho as it takes a good few days to get a pos result after implantation. Fingers crossed for you and good luck xx
  • I agree with samsa - try to wait until AF is due to test because otherwise the wait will be all the more agonising. x
  • Hi Hon,
    I think it sounds good. You are about the right time for implantation.
    I am now 10dpo and had spotting/implantation at 8/9dpo so am in the same boat.
    I will keep everything crossed for us both.

    Let us know how it goes when you test. I read it can take 2-5 days to get a BFP after implantation tho - not sure I can wait that long! lol x
  • Thanks ladies x not guna test til nxt wk as will b gutted if its bfn! Gud luck robin x
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