A Question of 'Sperm'

I've read so much conflicting information about sperm.....! Do you ladies reckon that you can 'dtd' too much and 'weaken' the sperm? SMEP reckons every other day until ov, then every day for three days, resting one day and finally 'dtd' on the fifth day past ov. I've read here, on other threads, that you should just do it loads. One lady even recommended a few times in one day. So, come on ladies, what do you think?
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  • Hey spikesma,

    I think everyone gets different results - some girls on here have BDd every day and got their bfp, others have said that it was the month they did the least BDing that they got their bfp!! I've definitely read from lots of sources that every other day is more than enough and is meant to help the swimmers have more of a chance to regenerate but obviously some guys don't need the break!! I do know for definite however, that if your OH has any problems with his sperm especially countwise, they recommend that you don't do it every day as they definitely need a chance to regenerate so every 2-3 days is better...

    I've tried it both ways over the months now and still haven't got my bfp though...so maybe it is all just down to a bit of luck!

  • Thanks Trixie, not sure about his count, but like you say, it's probably down to luck anyway. I'm only on cd2 so I'll take the month as it comes (ahem):lol:
  • Haha, well good luck hun...hopefully it happens soon for both of us!!
  • A woman told me about a year ago, that bding a lot over time is bad, but bding for a few days in a row around ov is fine. Not sure if this is true or not.
  • Professor Robert Winston was on This morning the other day, he says the more sex the better!!! He also says the amount of sex helps ovulation too!!!! xxxx
  • I saw the feature on This Morning too! The month we conceived our ds we had sex every day from cd 4 to 15. As long as you catch ovulation I think the rest is probably down to luck! x
  • I'm sure I read somewhere that it takes 70+ days for sperm to generate in the male body, therefore having sex every day is not going to affect the quality of the sperm as the male body is like a factory, constantly producing. I believe doing it every day will increase your chances, but the reason for doing it every other day is to stop it becoming a chore!! I used the SMEP this month and got my BFP, although we probably did it more in the lead up to ovulation than the plan indicates. Good luck, hope this is your month xx
  • if you think you only have 25% chance of getting PG if you and OH are health thats why it can take up to a year to get that lovely BFP sorry to bring people down but i dont know much about the sperm but my doctor did say its best to BD every other day as the sperm needs time like the rest have said it is down to luck

    Good luck everyone ***BABY DUST*** to all


  • Many thanks to you all for your sound advice and opinions! And congratulations to all the BFP's! x
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