Experience of low dose clomid anyone??

Hi girls hope evryone ok.
Well am now CD8 of what has been normally a 22/23 day cycle although last month only 16 days.
Saw my gp last week who had arranged 21 day bloods to see if actually OV or not. Have done the ovulation calculators based on what seems to be the norm for me and they have said possible OV window the 14th to 20th july. Have got ov sticks off ebay, but last month only had faint lines no +ov obviously given the length of cycle. Don't know weather to bother using them this month think I might get more dissappointed if I dont get +ov. The doc said that if am not OVing them a low dose clomid may be prescribed. Have been reading up on this and have read that it can cause you to ov later in your cycle, How confusing will that be... do you go with what the calculators tell you or wait until later, and later by how much days, or a week how am I supposed to know. It's just so upsetting I don't want to miss out and not bd on the right days, and it does'nt help when dh is working nights and sleeping days.
Just don't know what to think or do. Sorry for long post just needed to vent some frustration for a mo.
Thanks for reading and putting up with me lol.
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