Nurse was soooo mean... :-(

Just to update on the history -

Had mc on 9th June, bled on and off for almost 14 days. I then had 18 days of no bleeding at all and then last Thurs I started spotting. On Thurs, Fri and Sat morning there was bright red blood when I wiped but it was literally just 4 occasions over 3 days and that was it! The rest of the day it was the teeniest bit of brown. So probably no more than about 1/4 of a teaspoon!

As I am going to start being tested for pcos and didn't want to risk missing what could be a rate chance to have the tests I arranged to have my bloods done today. I know I haven't ovulated since mc and when I mentioned it to the nurse she was really mean and said it can't have been af as you can't have one without oving. But surely this can't be right??? I thought it was quite common to not ov the first cycle after mc? I thought this might be why the bleed was so so light.

What do you think? MC was 32 days before this bleed so timing wise it sounds about right but can it be af it is was such a tiny amount of bleeding?



  • Sorry to hear that hun xx I thought you could have AF without OV as not all people do OV?! Nurse sounds like a bitch! I am not sure tbh as I have never suffered a MC, but it could be a light AF cos of what happened?
  • hey Baby B

    I'd heard the same that sometimes you don't ovulate first af after mc and i'm sure that there are women on here who have afs but don't ovulate. am i wrong??

    there was no need for her to be so mean. what is wrong with some people? did she have any ideas what it was if it wasn't af?

  • Im not quite in the same position as you - but regarding havin to ov to hav af....
    I havent ovulated since I came off the pill in May 2007 and my cycles have been mostly regular tho I dont bleed as much as before I went on the pill (I used to hav VV heavy af for 7 days) and I only bleed for 2 you dont need to ovulate to hav af!
    They shouldnt assume you know all there is to know that wasnt fair!!
  • Hi, I remember reading somewhere (think it might have been on BE actually) that you CAN have af without ov and vice-versa. So that nasty old cow doesnt know as much as she thinks she does! I hate it when jobsworths get all uppity and upset people needlessly!

    Try googleing it and see what you can find, but Im fairly sure you can have af without ov.

    ((((hugs)))) x
  • found this on the net thought it might be helpful. its all confusing to me but might be of some help. x

    A period or menstruation is the bleeding that occurs about 12 to 16 days after ovulation or the release of an egg. If ovulation does not occur, no egg is released, and hence technically there should be no bleeding at all. This is known as anovulation. In women where ovulation fails to occur because of an anovulatory disorder, bleeding can occur nevertheless. This is known as anovulatory bleeding and is not a normal menstrual period.

    There is a huge difference between cycles in which the woman ovulates but does not get her period, and one in which she gets her period but does not ovulate. In the former case, the woman is almost certainly pregnant. In the latter case, she has had an anovulatory cycle.

    If you do not chart your ovulation and have an anovulatory disorder, then you may assume that you are menstruating normally when anovulatory bleeding occurs during your cycle. This anovulatory bleeding occurs when estrogen production continues to develop in the uterine lining without reaching the threshold necessary to trigger ovulation. In such a case, either of the following two things may happen, both leading to what appears to be a menstrual period but is really not one.

  • Wow thats what must be happening to me!! Anovulation cycle - which isnt really a menstrual bleed?! No wonder I hardly bleed at all and only for 2 days!!
    Hope you get youre cycle back to normal soon x
  • after reading it i think thats what i might of had. :cry:
    cos i was on so heavy it was unreal and its says it can be like that either that or really light. i was really light for a few days then unbearably heavy.
    i wish they'd invent something like the monitor which can tell if you did actually ovulate after picking up the lh surge.
  • i'm sorry to hear she was so mean. how cruel of her. i have definitely heard that you can have AF without ov... so maybe she doesn't know her stuff.

    hope you ok.

    big hugs, speak soon xxx
  • Aw thanks - you guys are great.
    I was pretty sure you could have af without having ov - which is why I argued with the nurse!!! She must have hated me.
    But you know when you start to doubt things - I so wanted reassurance that it probably was af I had and she just made me feel rubbish. I'm definitely not seeing that nurse again.

    I guess there is no way of knowing if that definitely was af, esp as it was SOOO light. Just hope the blood tests show something and I can start to get sorted. Not seeing gp until next Thurs even though results should be back by Monday image

    If it wasn't af then who know what's going on...!
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