need advice

i ov sat sun & mon
last night at work i have never felt pains like it just felt like the worse period pains ever!!! has anyone else had this???


  • Hi Marie, yes I have experienced this as well, was the pain in the middle or off to the side x
  • yes - i have - i think ovulation pains are bad - my insides feel like they are red raw and highly sensitive. Its not a pain that comes and goes with me is a constant pain until OV is finished.

    my AF was really light last month and i thought it was great but boy am i paying for it this month. need to get PG so i dont go through this again next month. lol
  • it was all the front and round my back the aching bt had sharp pains in my right side xx
  • Aye sounds like what i had - mine was at my back and around the area where you think your ovaries are
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