To opk or not to opk?

Morning all,

Last month was our first month ttc and I was quite obsessive about it, using opks twice daily and then the 2ww was spent mostly stressing and obsessing. I cut out caffeine and alcohol and tried to eat as well as possible.

Since not getting lucky on our first month I'm feeling a lot more chilled out about it and I think I've accepted that it could take a while. I was pondering whether this month we should just try to bd every other day (we were bding every day for half of our first month!) and not bother with opk's?

I've decided to limit my caffeine to one tea or coffee a day which is fine for me and to go easy on the alcohol but not cut it out and to be careful with what I eat - I usually am anyway - but not obsess about eating well.

How have people found it when they've stopped using opks and tried to relax a bit? I just don't want ttc to take over our life and I think I need to stop any obsessing before it gets worse.

What are peoples thoughts/experiences?

Kat x


  • Hi Kat,
    I've been thinking the same as you.
    I found waiting for my smiley frustrating and blimin expensive! If we don't have any luck this month (which I'm thinking is the case) then I don't think I'm going to bother with opk's next month. I had ov symptoms so I think I'll be able to work out roughly when I ov. I think we're going to be a bit more relaxed about it and let it happen - if it works then bonus!
    Failing that I'll probably go to the extreme of getting a CBFM! lol

    My name is Mrs Fozz and I'm a POASaholic........
  • Hiya
    Im going to stick with the OPKs because my cycle seems to have gone random now 3 days past expected AF and nothing and 5 BFNs!
    Superdrug have BOGOF on own brand OPKs so I am going to use them next month.
  • I hope you don't mind me gatecrashing.... I used OPKs in the months leading up to my BFP. I was using them to see if I was ovulating at all, as my cycles were all over the place after coming off the pill (and still were when I fell pg).

    It was reassuring to see that I was ovulating..... however, I did get a bit obsessive about it all and made it an unnecessarily expensive business for myself (even though I bought mine in bulk from so I didn't even actually spend much money). I vowed not to use them and just go with the flow next time round (as it turned out I didn't even need to do this as I fell pg again by accident whilst breastfeeding no.1!)

    I accept this is easy for me to say though, as I know that I can get pregnant. I do remember how stressful it is wondering when and even if it will happen for you.

    Good luck all ladies ttc.
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