slim fast and TTC

hi girls.....

i wanna lose a few stone b4 i actually fall preg...( if i aint already lol ) and wondered if slim fast was ok lol

x holly x


  • Hi Holly. I think it's a no no hun, not too sure as to why tho! I work in a pharmacy and checked it out for a lady who was pregnant it actually says on the tin not to use if pregnant. HTH Carrie xx
  • I think it's just because you should be following a balanced diet WHEN you get pg but I am sure it'd be ok to use while ttc. Losing some weight can help with ttc. I am doing weight watchers at the mo and they also say you can't do it while pg. I guess dieting while pg just isn't sensible but I reckon before hand should be fine!
    Maybe ring their helpline to check? xx
  • i would think it would be fine until you are acctually pregnant, once pregnant i doubt it would contain the nutrients needed to support a baby x
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