A post for symptom spotting :D

I saw this in other group and think we can try here:

There are a lot of people that want to know what we are feeling at what dpo to compare what they are feeling and so on. So I thought that we could try something. If you want to join rather then posting a new post every time you want to add a dpo you could just edit you first post and add your new dpo. That way we can all compare what we are feeling and it will help some of the new ladies who are ttc! It will work like a diary image and maby stop me stressing.

Good Luck and lets hope it leads to lots of ss'ing and BFP's image


TTC #2 month 15

OV .......... POS OPK image Lots of ewcm, Pains but not as bad as last month, image (14/11)
1 DPO...... Nothing (15/11)
2 DPO...... Some ewcm and lower tum pains - BD just incase (16/11)
3 DPO...... planty of cm (17/11)
4 DPO ..... Lower tum pains cm image almost threw up this morning AND i am not hungry image :lol: I am a big girl and love food usually image (18/11)
5 DPO ..... Lower tum pains Feeling Sick and i want to cry :\( so tired (19/11)
6 DPO ..... Feelin sick a crappy Lower tum pains (20/11)
7 DPO ..... Thursty, Tired, Hungry Heartburn and waking up to wee Sore Boobies (21/11)
8 DPO ..... Headach, feeling sick and feeling sad (.)(.) so sore AND bigger image (22/11)
9 DPO ..... Woke up to wee again, Boobies still sore and giving Jordon a run for her money Woke feeling sick My Jeans wont do UP !!!! Hungry and have heartburn SO tired headache......... Pink spotting image :lol: (23/11) - BFN with FMU on a 25miu test
10 DPO ..... Full boobies !!! sore& huge boobs. Tired, Lower tum&back aching pains Headache again image (24/11)
11 DPO .... Been Sick, Crying, Boobies sore and full up, Tired, Crampy af like pains in tum and back :\( Spotting Red, (25/11)
12 DPO .... Cramps
13 DPO ..................................... AF :cry: :cry: :\( :\(

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  • Ooh great idea Gembags!!
    It will be so much easier to keep track of things, well done you!

    Ov........... Lots of EWCM - Pos Ov Test - Strong Ov pains in the morning
    1DPO..... Nothing (16/11)
    2DPO..... Pulling low down in tummy and (.)(.) slightly sensitive (17/11)
    3DPO..... Creamy CM (18/11)
    4DPO..... Lots of watery CM - VERY hungry?! (19/11)
    5DPO..... Still watery CM but easing off now. Extremely hungry. Generally feeling crap and sorry for myself. Don't know why though?! (20/11)
    6DPO..... Headache on and off all day (21/11)
    7DPO..... (.)(.) tender (22/11)
    8DPO..... Very sensitive (.)(.) and af type aches low down (23/11)
    9DPO..... Bruised feeling low in abdo could be af type ache (24/11)
    10DPO... Tested with Ebay cheapie and can just make out an
    extremely faint line, although it could just be where the line should be if that makes sense I'll buy some Superdrug tests today and test with FMU tomorrow. My 'bruised' feeling is the same as I had with my other 2 pregnancies so i'm secretly starting to get excited ;\)
    11DPO.... Tested with FMU on a Tesco and got a BFN image I'm going to sound really weird now but I really think i'm pregnant. I just 'feel' pregnant. I will look really silly on Monday if af shows up but i'm not even disheartened about my BFN. I really wanted to test with a Superdrug as they are so much better for early testing but haven't been able to get into town. Will test again on Saturday with FMU and hopefully a Superdrug. Symptoms are very sore (.)(.) tender and heavy feeling low down and just 'feeling' pregnant! What a weirdo! :lol:

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  • Hello ladies

    I thought symptom spotting was a big no no around here???

    Oh well im happy to join in, as I have secretly been doing so anyway lol

    Ok so im 12DPO

    So far I have the following....

    Period like pains and cramps that lasted 2 days- middle of last week
    My skin has become very spotty but this appears to have calmed down (thank goodness)
    Constantly feeling hunger- last couple of days
    Stronger sense of smell - last couple of days
    Tender (.)(.)- getting better though
    Bloated, poss weight gain
    And as of yesterday feeling sick.

    Ok so.... Maybe this is all in my mind or perhaps I am a little under the weather. I have done 2 tests and both negative but that could be coz I did them too soon or because im just not pregnant.
    Who knows, AF is due this week, if she isn't here by Friday I shall POAS again, not sure I can handle these false alarms each month which I guess is why they say not to SS but some times its just not possible lol

    Good luck ladies, PMA to all xxxx
  • :lol: I always try not to ss but i love reading symptoms when there's a bfp...... Its up to u some dont like ss'ing and when i do get my BFP image i am never going to remember.
    If nothing elce ss'ing will stop me from thinking about poas :lol:
  • Weeelllll, i have just posted a new thread :lol:

    OV CD17 13/11 pain in left side....tiny bit of CM
    CD18 (peak on CBFM again) 14/11 pain in left side
    CD19 15/11 nausea, period like pains, backache
    CD20 16/11 period like pains, gone off dairy completely ???

    That is it for now ladies. I have to say i have never felt this way before after OV though!!!
  • Love the idea, like that we can keep it to he people who don't mind...cos some get annoyed if we ss too much

    am dpo14, tested: BFN feeling sh** and defo no more PMA...also no AF
    had really bad cramps dpo8-11
    going to loo around 15 times a day since dpo7
    have sore throat

    well, suppose I just have a cold...

  • Shuck that sounds positive... are u your sure when you OV'd?

    5DPO - More tired than usual, a bit nauseous... (although that may have been the wine from Saturday night...!!!) Dull ache in Abdomen
    6DPO today - not as tired today, tender nipples and still a dull ache

    Babydust all round! xx
  • :\(ooooh can i join too

    11/11 ewcm & pains
    12/11 same
    13/11 nothing (ff logged i ov'd)
    1 dpo horrible stitch like pain in my groin, feel sick (could be the ov hormones coz i usually feel sick around ov but sure about the pain)
    2dpo still feel sick, niggles in my low abdomen, lots of cm
    3dpo af cramps (loosing pma), lots of cm,
    4dpo loads of cm???
    5dpo still feel wet (sorry tmi), sore boobs on & off
    6dpo didnt have much cm yesterday just felt wet, today i have load sof creamy cm. cm more just wet now. grumpy, hungry empty feeling in my stomach even though im not hungry.
    7dpo more creamy cm. blocked nose (probably just a cold). sore boobs on and off. tight stitchy feeling in my side. lightheaded and sicky.
    8dpo well i felt sick when i got up this morning and ive had a dodgy tummy since i got up (although i get this when af is coming but also had it in my first preg as well). since got creamy cm.
    9dpo and i think my sickness is a virus as i now have sore throat and ears and ive had af cramps all day on the up side i still have creamy and usually by now i am dry. bout of dreadful pmt last night & boobs got really sore (nt looking good)
    10dpo off work ill so i think most of my symptoms have def been the virus. bad af cramps this morning.image
    11dpo af cramps & sore boobs. just want to eat crap, think my symptoms are af image
    12dpo no symptoms except niggle in my side.
    13dpo no symptoms except from a pain in my groin.

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  • gembags i had ewcm yesterday as well, so we bd last night. hope its a good sign.xxx
  • Ooooh can i join in too??
    This is the 1st 2ww ive had in ages and im secretly optimistic!
    1dpo slight period type pains
    2dpo nothing as yet!! lol.
  • Oh i forgot to say that my nips were a bit hurty last night in bed and the same today! xxx
  • Oooh brilliant! A post to indulge my inner obsessive, compulsive control freak!!
    After a panic over whether I had even ovulated at all, I'm now 3dpo according to fertility friend.
    Only thing I've noticed is that over the last 2 days I've been going to the loo more than usual.

    Shuck, your symptoms sound very promising, are you going to wait a few days and do another test? Keep us posted pet. xx

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  • oh my goodness, I must say all the abbreviations confuse the life of out me but I think I am following generally what you are all saying! Finding it all really confusing, never thought trying for a baby would be so difficult!! Hubby tired and emotional too and can't believe how dfficult it is! I am not entirely sure when I ov'd this month as I would have crampy pains for around two weeks. My af is due about the 28th of the month or possibly later as my af cycles are around 28 to 35 days, NITEMARE!!!

    Anyway I am going to follow this, but what is cm and I know ewcm starts with egg white but don't know the rest and dpo-days past ovulation?!?!

    sorry for silly questions, I am a newbie!

    baby dust all round xx
  • hi hun, welcome. it is an emotional time. cm stands for cervical mucus.xxx

    hope its your month hun.xxxx
  • I'm so happy, this is my first month off the pill and ttc and being a worrier I was stressing that maybe I wouldn't OV and would have something wrong with me, drove myself mad over it! Anyway I'm now 3dpo, yay!!! Symptoms so far:

    1dpo - slight pains in left side
    2dpo - dull ache in lower abdomen, back ache, achey legs, headache, heartburn
    3dpo - dull ache and hot feeling in lower abdomen, back ache, achey legs

    I'm sure these are still just from the OV surge in hormones as far too early for symptoms really - but can't help noting it all as it's my first month and so exciting!!.x.
  • Trixie85, I'm 3dpo on my first cycle ttc as well! It is really exciting isn't it?!

    I'm going out on Saturday night for my friend's 30th and I don't want to drink just in case there's a little blip in there! I'm practising my little white lies but I'm sooooooo RUBBISH at lying! Don't want to tell anyone in 'real life' that we're ttc though. I'd go completely mad were it not for this site!! xx
  • Yea it really is exciting!!! I can't help thinking about it all the time...I think some of it is becuase I've been broody for quite a while and I can't believe we're finally actually ttc : )

    Know what you mean about lying, I'm rubbish too. It's so hard when it's such a big thing and it's so exciting...when I do get my BFP I'm going to have to not see anyone for 12 weeks or I'll end up telling them! This site is definitely an absolute god send, it's so good to be able to share it with other people.

    So MrsRobertson, looks like we are synced up right now, both in our first month and both in the 2ww...I might have to get your help in keeping me sane if I go too crazy with ss!!

    Hope we all get out BFP's this month, let's make this a REALLY lucky thread!.x.
  • http://i701.photobucket.com/albums/ww20/mrsrobertson2b/four-leaf-clover.gif

    To bring us all luck and hopefully plenty of BFP's!!! image
  • Can i join you all please?

    I'm 5DPO and already driving myself mad ss.

    From 1DPO i have had what i can only describe as dull mild AF pains and since yesterday 4DPO lots of creamy and then clear and stretchy cm. The 2ww is soooooo hard!! xx
  • katie10 your symptoms sound very much like mine. lets hope its a good sign.xxx
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