Wedding Anniversary

Hi Girls.
There a few of us that share the same wedding anniversary today so just saying.. Hope you have had a nice day/evening.
Good Luck to you all with this months results.
L x


  • Thank you! You too!!

    have you had a nice day/weekend?


  • Hi ladies, its also our (first!) wedding anniversary today, thought we'd do something special so just got back from a weekend in the Lakes, which was fab. Hope you both had a fun day, how long have you been married? We're on out 1st month ttc, how about you?

    Caroline xxx
  • hi caroline - congrats to you too image

    i too have been married a year today image
    we went to Bournemouth for the weekend, got back today. we had a lovely time (live in the midlands, so rarely see the sea!)

    we're on first proper month ttc having had miscarriage in may - started ttc in jan.

    good luck!!

  • Ah, happy anniversary ladies! Hope you've been pampered and had sufficient flowers/chocolates etc.... x-x-x
  • Thanks Tibby, yep, have been really indulgent & done nothing but eat & drink all weekend, think I'd better hit the gym again tommorrow! :lol:

    So sorry to hear about your mc mrs_e, but really good to hear you're ready to try again, will be keeping my fingers crossed for you this month! Glad you enjoyed your weekend,

    Caroline xxx
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