what the hell??

right now i am 11 days late, no sign of AF and bfn on sd tests. I want her to get hear and hurry up!! I want to get on with ttc but cant while this is happening. I was 10days late last month so would have thought id be earlier this month as my cycles settle x


  • Hi s.s,

    My af is about 15/16 days late, this is the longest cycle since stopping the pill nearly 6 months ago and it's now really starting to drive me mad. Got a doc's appointment later but really not expecting much from them though.

    Good luck and hope you get your bfp very soon x
  • aorry to hear you have been having this crap too tilly! How long have your other cycles been? I just assumed that they would gradually get nearer to my old 28 day cycle like i was before the pill xx
  • it's weird cos initially they were regular at 29 days, then few at 33 - 35 days and now nothing. Don't feel like going to be getting one any time soon, last period was 29th Apr this should be my 3rd month ttc.

    How long have you been off the pill for? x
  • i came off it in nov , af was 2 weeks late then 10 days. Then went back on it to stop period for my wedding Then came off it again mid march had wb bleed, then was 10 days late. Had my last af 3rd may xx (hope that all makes sense!!)
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