temperature testing .... whats it all about?

hi girlies

can someone shed some light on the temperature testing? :\? as per previous posts im in month 9 ttc and getting desperate and willing to try anything and everything! i have read up on SMEP and will try that but i dont suppose knowing more about temp testing would be a bad thing.

Thanks Elaine x


  • Hiya, I have done BBT for a few months on and off. First off, you need a Basal Body Thermometer which has two decimal places.

    Then you need to go to www.fertilityfriend.com and do the charting course (don't panic it doesn't take long!).

    You do need to do your temp at the exact same time every day, which can be a pain, as you have to do it before you get out of bed. I take mine vaginally, as it's less likely to fluctuate that way,

    Good luck - will look out for updates of how you're getting on (I'm on month 16) xx
  • I would use bbt in conjunction with ov sticks. Temping will tell you when you have ovulated but only after you have had your temp rise so there is a danger of missing your actual ov day.
    You can get a bbt thermometer from access diagnostic for about ??4.00 Boots charge about ??12 for one. You have the choice of C or F - I've got a F one.
    Good luck x
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