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Luteal Phase Defect?

Hi Ladies,

Please could you tell me if I might have a problem with my luteal phase this month or if anyone has similar symptoms to my own?

My previous cycles have been as follows:

Cycle 1: 29 days; Peaks 14&15 Period Started full flow 14 days after the second peak identified using cbfm
Cycle 2: 24 days; Peaks 10&11 Period started full flow 13 days after the second peak
Cycle 3: 30 days: Peaks 15& 16 Period started full flow 14 days after the second peak but had slight pink spotting on cd27 and brown 28 and 29.

This cycle Peaks10 & 11;
DP04; ewcm and wet
DP05; pink spotting then brown, slight cramping
DP06; cloudy cm; slight cramping
DP07; bit of cm
DP08; Bit of brown grainy blood like period going to start but this is only cd19!. Didn't happen all day. Also felt a bit sickly and had period like cramps
This morning bit of brown grainy blood

Should also say when I had my peaks this month I did not have any of the normal symptoms of ovulation present and thought ovulation symptoms were more present DP04

So do you think I should be expecting a very earlier period suggesing a problem with my luteal phase this month or could an implantation bleed continue for this long with these symptoms?

Your thoughts would be much appreciated

Thank you


  • I'm not an expert in this but I think that the luteal phase length remains pretty constant, and that variation in cycle length is due to the follicular phase, which can vary. it sounds like your luteal phase is about 13/14 days , which is normal. I would say it sounds more like implantation bleeding?

    Good luck and I hope its a sign of your BFP
  • Congratulations Littlewolf!
    Thank you both for replying.
    I will keep you posted.
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