pre Seed again

I just read sooo many reviews on it and wow it sounds fab!!! I know it works on different people but most people how had been trying for months tried it and feel the first time they used it? I am sooo excited about using it this monthimage

k xx


  • good luck honey!
    hope it works for you!! if so i might jump on the band wagon next mth!!!
  • k-lou - where did you get it. i bought ovulation kits today but couldn't see preseed (looked in boots/superdrug and another pharmacy)

    Here we go hun read all the comments on there about it, it's got me all excited as I have never had a lot of cm and I never had any EWCM last month so i am praying this will help us. though of course it could mean I am not OV which in that case it wont help!

    K xx
  • thanks for the link- i shall take a look. i am sure you are ov - you only just came off the pil and things can be a bit funny at first. i got preg in 2nd month after coming off the pill- good luck
  • Did you really can I ask you a question you don;t have to answer it but the first month you came off the pill did you have much CM or have any EWCM? i have been very lukcy and I got my first real AF on CD28 so I was bang on time and it was heavy lasting three days?

    K xx
  • I didnt have any cm the first month but it was aplenty the 2nd month and last month (the 3rd) it was in abundance!
  • Hiya, just crashing your post - but wanted to say that I got my BFP first month of trying preseed - I hadn't had much cm after coming off the pill so used EPO to increase cm and preseed and it seemed to work. It also feels nice! Good luck x
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