3dpo anyone want to join in the 2ww

Just wondered if anyone else is ready to start the 2week wait with me to help it go a bit quicker............


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  • Hello fingerscrossed30, I'm using the CBFM and got my peaks on Thursday and Friday so I am probably starting the 2ww today or thereabouts [I don't really know :\? :roll:].

    Just a bit of background because I'm not on here much ... I'm 36yo and this is our seventh cycle of ttc #2. How about you :\)?

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  • Hi ladies,
    I started my 2ww 3 days ago and is dragging already. checking on baby hopes a test might be pos on 15th but gonna try and hold out till nearer the day AF due 20th
  • Hey I am on 1/2 ish dpo!!!
    This is the first time I have known I have ovulated as have very dodgy cycles!!!! I had a random couple of ov tests in my bag and took them tues weds with pos both days!!!!

    So excited but also nervous wreck as symptom spotting already!!! Lol

    hope we can keep each other from going insane!!! Lol

    X j x

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  • Hi girls how r u?

    Hiya Bubblicious, a bit about me, I'm 31 at the end of the month and we have been trying for 18months for no 1. Had some initial tests, bloods, ultrasound scan and hsg to check tubes and they all ok, DH has had SA which was ok, so hoping this month is our turn!

    Macdonna, it does drag doesn't it, my hubbie is going away tonight for two nights so I'm gonna try and occupy myself by tidying the house, he won't recognise it when he gets back!

    Hey Mrs JC, excellent news that you have ov'd.

    Keep up the pma xx
  • Hey ladies, how is everyone...........?

    I've had some spotting yesterday and today and some cramping today.?!?

    Have been reading up and it could be ov spotting when the egg bursts from the folicle or a hormonal change, apparently its a good fertility sign, i do hope so

  • I've had some weirds cramping since yesterday and weird achy pains in my hips!! Random!!! Hope it is a good sign though and we get an anniversary bfp!!!
    I have been terrible symptom spotting!!!
    Hope everyone is well!!
    My story is I am 27 ttc number 2 we have a little dude who is 5. He us awesome!! We have been ttc for 19 months but had a 6 month break in the middle and started back ttc in jan!! I have long irregular cycles so this hasn't helped!!! Lol

  • Hi Ladies,

    Sounds like there are some promising signs here.

    Mrs JC, I've sent myself mad with all the symptom spotting in previous months that I am now trying hard not to this cycle [we'll see how that goes :lol:].

    I am all out of sorts this week ... waiting for AF due date, waiting to hear about my house. I think I'm in real danger of going mad image.

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  • Hi Hayley, I wonder if it is something to do wtih hsg, i had confirmed ov with cbd smiley and then since have had spotting,I'm on cd21 now and had hsg on cd10 so it could be that, but hay I'm no expert.

  • Where are you in your cycle??
    If it's around ov then could be ov bleed if it's after ov could be implantation bleed

  • it could be ov bleed, sometimes u can ov even without showing on your test depending on how much you have drunk in the day, do u temp, does that show ov?

    Hoping its a good sign for you and me both x
  • Hey ladies- I have positive OPK on Fri sat and sun so am around about 2-3 dpo and its going to be a long 2ww!!!!

    Im 26 and TTC #2 for 6 months. Took 9 months for #1 so hopefully will happen soon!! Struggle to get on here much when i am working- but needing the sanity to get me through the enxt 2 weeks without the symptom spotting and testing too early!!!

    good luck for all!!! xxxxx

  • I had a bad hormone headache yesterday and I feel a bit "off" today. Also, I had a bit of a dizzy spell earlier. I am about 7 DPO and trying hard not to link these symptoms with possible pregnancy but can't help myself.

    How is everybody else doing?
  • I have been dreadful for symptom spotting!!!
    Boobs have got worse over last few days although it's not unbearable or constant!!! Crampy feelings been constant since Sunday and the cm seems to be flowing!!! Lol sorry for tmi!!!
    Still 1 week down 1 to go!!

    I think I'll be sectioning myself before then!! Lol
  • I'm on CD26 now and heading towards a 32 day cycle judging from my ov day so I shall be CD28 on Sunday and tempted to test but I'm planning on being very busy so that I don't think about doing it.

    Is anyone else testing soon?
  • Im about 7 dpo now with another week to wait- af will be due somewhere around thrusday onwards- still a bit irregular but going by opk that should be right. feel very good but like you all am beginning to symptom spot- will try to wait and not test till next fri but who knows!!! xxxx
  • I am 8 ish dpo and symptom spotting like crazy!!!

  • We got some BFPs on this thread. Congrats, ladies!

    But how are the rest of us doing?
  • Congratulations all u BFPs, seems like there has been a rush today!

    I'm out, for some reason my body has gone haywire this month, back to the fertility clinic on 26th so hoping I get somewhere with that x
  • Advice girlies??? I have had a very small smear of dark blood on my underwear today- none visible when i go to toilet or even when i wipe- tmi i know!!! Never had implantation bleed with number 1 but wondering fi it could be this as i am 7 or 8 days dpo and af is about 6 or 7 days from now. Any thoughts??
  • Could be implantation bleed, Jellybaby. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Sorry you're out this month, Fingerscrossed.

    I am expecting AF on Thurs and just have the usual symptoms of AF arriving soon but won't waste a test until I really need to do one.

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