4 days late...

Hay wen do u guys think i sould test? Xxx


  • If your defo 4 days late, I'd test now, or wait until the morning to use FMU image fingers crossed for you xx
  • And wat to do if g bfn xxx
  • wait a couple of days & test again if AF doesn't show. BFP's can take a while to show if it's a shy bean image xx
  • Done test got a bfn wat now? X
  • Ah hun. I guess all you can do is wait. Is your cycle usually regular? Are you having any symptoms? x
  • Do you know when you ovd? You might still get your BFP as they say its not over till af shows up xx
  • Yea my periods r regular, and i ovd the 2nd of july and i feel tired warnout headack and feel sick i didnt get a positive with my 1st child till 7 weeks plus xxxx
  • Well I would just keep testing every other day for about 2 weeks & then go to the doctors. If you said your 1st baby was 7 weeks after AF was due before you got a BFP, then they may be able to do a blood test instead...sorry you're none the wiser hon, but fingers crossed its just shy bean! xxx
  • Thank u.. i will keep u posted how any days late shall i go c my doc to have blood test? Xxxx
  • If it was me (& I have no experience of this so its not based on anything) I would wait to be a fortnight overdue & then I would go. I dont think I could wait any longer...good luck xx
  • Im having reli bad tumny cramps headaches and feel sick and so warnout, peeing alot more, mite see if i can see a nurce tomora just incase its somthing to worry bout x
  • Hope u feel better soon gemz, If ur feeling so crap it might be worth putting ur mind at rest! Let us know how it goes image xx
  • Been to see nurce been told to.test wit 1st wee tomoz morning and if i still get bfn to try again in a week if period still not.here and that i mite be reecing the hormon slowly like i did with my 1st chid i didnt get a bfp till i was 7 and a haf weeks
  • Fingers crossed gemz, I really hope it's your bfp & not just ur body playing tricks! But if it was like this last time, then it's hopeful xx
  • Oh fingers crossed for the morning xxx
  • hay all just an update, i am now 9 days late, still do period but havent tesed now since thurs.. i am now startin to get a brown discharge on my tissue wen i whip wen i bit for a wee... this has happened 2 days now but its not every time? wat could this be and when shall i test again? xxx
  • hi,

    could you have maybe ov'd later this month and the discharge be implantation?!

    sorry im no expert, im sure someone much more helpful will answer !

  • Just wondered how you are getting on? I'm a week late today and no real symptoms other than aching in my lower back every now and again. Have got a Dr.s appt for Thursday so will see what they say. Let's hope we have some news soon!
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