mrs_e how are you?

was just wondering how you are doing?
Take care hun, thinking of you.
Filo x


  • I was thinking about her too, hope shes ok! Im sure she will come on here when she feels ready to. thinking of you Debs xxx
  • hello image

    thank you for your messages it's nice to know i'm being thought of image

    i'm not doing too badly actually. glad yesterday is over. not bleeding too much either (touch wood) so hopefully my body is healing. before i went in yesterday i was in a bit of a state but as soon as i got there the nurses were lovely and relaxed me straight away. i know i wasn't in long but i'm going to send them a thank you because they treated me so well (it was my first time in hospital and i was scared) and i think that made all the difference. DH is looking after me lots bless him.
    i expect to have good and bad days but i'm doing ok and will be back to being my "normal" self soon. i want to start ttc as soon as possible but DH thinks we should wait a cycle. not really sure what the best thing to do is...guess i'll see how my body feels in a couple of weeks.
    got a week off work at the mo then in a few weeks i've got another week's holiday booked so hopefully we can go away and relax a bit.

    thank you for all your support though it means the world to me image

  • Awww mrs e, im so glad to hear your ok and that you were treated so well by the staff, im sure it must make a difference!Its lovely to hear that your dh is taking care of you too, bless him. I think your right about ttc just see how you feel and take it from there, dont rush into things give your body and mind some time to heal then do what feels right for you and oh. Take care of yourself hun, Debs xxxx
  • glad to hear you were well taken care of. heal well and hope you and mr e have good luck when trying again soon when you are ready.
    Filo x
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