S**t, the witch found me!


She found me this evening, kinda knew though cos my temps dropped so low.

BUT on the positive this is the most painful period I've ever had (bear with me on this), I came off the pill 3 months ago and each of those 'periods' were light and not painful, Before I went on the pill I used to get the most painful periods ever, so am thinking that my body is back to normal after the pill!

So this month could be our month as my body is back to normal.

CD1 and full of PMA, god, never thought I'd say that!!!!

SMEP and BFP here we come! xxx

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  • Oh honey,im sorry she found you but that really does seem a good sign now.

  • Fingers crossed hey xxx
  • Sorry to hear that af got you!!! I'm glad your body is back to normal which means BFP for you xxx
  • sorry to hear that cass image hope you're ok. sounds like you have the right attitude though and thats definately a good sign! xx
  • awww huni i was gutted when i saw this post but at least you are full of pma for next cycle and you could be right you body could be regulating itself so roll on your bfp next month.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • sorry to hear she got you hun but it's great to see your so full of PMA, here's to next month!! image xx
  • sorry she got you hun

    Keep up the PMA
    Good Luck with the 2010 BFP xx

    gems xx
  • Well i didnt get my BFP this month but it is only my first month trying anyway, she found me this morning, but thats good coz it means that my body is back to normal coz i was due on today, so hopefully next month i might be in luck, i thought it would take longer to get my system back to normal, but luckily its back to normal straight away, we will just have to try harder this month lol. I did get engaged on christmas day though so thats some brill news! good luck for this month ladies x
  • Thanks for your msgs lovelies! I was upset, but then got a good grip of myself, lol!

    Good luck to everyone - especially Angel my cycle buddy! Don't you dare let AF catch you sweetie!

    BTW congratulations on your engagement lilibet!

  • huni, fate must want us to be cycle buddies again coz im spotting tonight. im still trying to hide but i think she is catching up on me. im not due on till thursday or friday so she is early.xxx
  • Oh babs, no, I'm sorry, keeping everything crossed that its a little bean bedding in! Not being rude, but don't want you to be my cycle buddy! lol! xxx
  • lol, im still getting weird pains in my side but i think she will be here over the next couple of days. just want to get started again now.lol.

    are you doing smep this month.xxx
  • Oh hun, hugs to you and happy SMEPING this month xx
  • What is PMA and SMEP??

    Yes hopefully you're body back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!
  • PMA = positive mental attitude
    SMEP = Sperm Meets Egg Plan (lots of fun btw, lol!)

    Definitely looking forward to the SMEP this month.

    New month, new cycle, new year! yay! xxx

  • Ooh, SD, thanks for the hugs hun, hows you doing? xxx
  • me too hun, looking forward to a new month. im getting a new bed right about ov time.lol. temp dipped this morning so she be here today or tomorrow. which means my lp has dropped to 13 or 14 dont know if that a good or bad thing.xxxxxxx
  • Could be your cycle getting back to a more normal routine?

    Your new bed will make SMEP even more fun! lol! xxx
  • lol, cass. still not arrived properly so cant count cd1 yet, this is the bit ireally hate waiting to get strated again.lol.xxxxx
  • Sorry to hear about the witch turning up uninvited - nothing worse. She has paid me a visit early too, which is not amusing in the slightest. CD1 and counting....again!

    Lots of luck to you for this month. All the best xxx
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